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Trying to improve

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Hello fellow warriors, I am here today to see if you can help me improve so I can help my guild improve.

So ilvl wise Im getting to a point that I feel satisfied over, but room for improvement. I have the BiS trinkets and legendaries.

So im wondering where there is room for improvement, I feel rotation-wise I got it sorta locked down. Same with usage of GCD. ( could be wrong ofc)


Wowlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PB4cDwbKLdY1yMfa

Please check if there is any room for improvement, If so where?


Many thanks, Aboizrael

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Hey there,

Indeed there is room for improvement. Looking at Varimathras

You use BB on CD and excluding the opener you desync it with BC. Don't do that. Makro BB with BC. Never ever cast BB out of BC except you have 5 seconds left of the fight.

Additionally some of your executes were not enraged while BC. Be sure to use either a Massacre proc upfront BC or press BT after BC. Not enraged Executes will cost you a lot of dps.

Outside of BC keep sure to always prioritize BT over RB. In some situations you prioritized RB.


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