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Multiboxing is when you open wow multiple times and log into multiple accounts and play them at the same time.


Usually you use software which will copy your key clicks and insert them into every wow window at the same time. It sounds shady, but it's actually not against the terms of service as long as the software is only copying the exact same button to every window and isn't altering the key click in any way.


Basically you end up with 2-4 characters, usually the same class, and you set a macro on each character that you can click so they follow eachother, and then when you hit your abilities on the first character which you're controlling, all of the other characters cast the same ability.


It's been a while since I've done it, but I have done it before. I had to start a new account when I came back to wow about 2 years ago (long story). To make leveling faster I bought 2 battle chests when they were on sale for $5 and recruit a friended myself and multiboxed so I could level 1-80 in a weekend.


It might be something cool to write a guide on, I'd have to ask Damien if I can though, I'm not sure what his stance is on "grey areas".

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Yeah I always used to assume it would be against the rules but apparently its fine. I'm assuming it because Blizzard love the extra accounts etc that you need to use anyway.

I've had some funny memories of some multiboxing in Alterac Valley. Watching 4x Boomkins running around one shorting people was amusing (only because they were on my team!)

It pretty much became a game of 'follow the druids'!

I think a lot of people would benefit from buying duplicate accounts and power levelling through recruit a friend. I know a few who did similar to what you mentioned Storm.

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