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Help with DPS

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On 3/5/2018 at 6:09 PM, Ithaka said:

Normally I'd recommend running your log through WoWAnalyzer, but it won't work with your log for some reason. Just looking at Garothi manually:

  • Why are you casting Blizzard on a single-target fight? You use it in your opener for some reason.
  • Use Shimmer more often rather than spamming Ice Lance while moving.
  • You missed multiple Shatters with Ice Lance after a Flurry. Make sure you're always casting it.
  • There's no need to wait to cast a Frostbolt after Ebonbolt - just shatter your Ebonbolt instead.
  • You interrupt multiple casts - use Shimmer instead to reposition.
  • The second Time Warp use was way too late. Not sure if this decision came from your raid leader or you.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Thank you for taking a look at that

I always wait until after the raid leader has called for Hero before I use my time warp because I don't want to hero everyone else early

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