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Resto . . . need help with stat weights

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Hello all,


I am transitioning from my MW Monk to Resto Druid for my 10m Raid team. We are currently 1/14H and my druid's current ilvl is 530. I am going to begin bringing my druid in for anything on farm and as such my access to better gear will increase soon.


However, I am trying to decide on custom stat weights to better fit my playstyle.


Being that we are a 10 man team we tend to 2-heal a lot of content  which means I don't always have time to get direct heals off. I tend to make use of HoTs more. I do however do my best to keep Harmony up to improve my HoTs so Mastery is still important of course.


I thought about using my Monk stat weights as they have served me very well but I know that the two classes aren't really identical in their stat priorities.


At any rate, here is my current Druid set up



I am just using the default PvE build and its stat weights for now:

Int 1

SP 0.85

Haste to 3043 0.8

Spirit 0.75

Master 0.55

Crit 0.5

Haste 3043+ 0.3


I'm pretty sure at this point pushing to the next haste cap of 6652 for WG wouldn't be a bad idea.


And once I finish up the LMG quest I should be able to turn down the weight of spirit with a reasonable cap (12k? or less even?)


At any rate, any assistance with figuring out some solid stat weights to maximize my throughput would be much appreciated.


Thanks all.

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Don't go for the 6k haste breakpoint.  Its not worth it. Stay at either 3k or go to 13k.


What I would recommend is keeping the 3k haste breakpoint until you get some haste gear that will allow you to get to the 13k break point.




Those are the weights I use for a mastery heavy build.  (keep in mind the spirit is so low because I have A LOT of spirit on my gear.  So I still have about 15k~.  The weight being that low means I ignore small spirit and int socket bonus, like +60 spi or +60 int)  If you want to gem Intellect you just bring the mastery weight down below .5.   If you want a bit more spirit you can bump that weight up or set a spirit cap above mastery.




This is also my personal spreadsheet that I use for my "BiS" list for what I consider as  "BiS mastery" and "BiS haste".  Make a copy of it and use it as you please.

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Hey Audiopanik,

I read over your issue(s) and came up with some feedback for you. 

At 530 ilvl, I personally wouldn't recommend going to the 6k haste breakpoint. In my opinion, the next viable haste breakpoint is at 12k (may be 13k, can't remember) which would be either a) not reachable or cool.png a tremendous loss of mastery and spirit. So as you can conclude, just stay at the 3k one for now.

I'm a 550 rdruid (offspec) and have healed 6/14h so far, with a combination of both 2 and 3 heal (3 on H Immerseus, 3 on H Fallen Protectors, 2 on H Norushen, 2 on H Sha of Pride, 3 on H Iron Juggernaut, and 3 on H Dark Shamans), as well as 2 healed all the normal content so far in SoO. I still don't go for the higher breakpoints and I seem to be doing just fine in comparison with the other heals who are at least 10+ ilvls above me.

My stat priority is Spirit > haste (3k cap, although I'm at 4k because I can't get lower), mastery > crit > haste. I gem Artfuls in red, Fractured in yellows, and Zens in blues (although I actually have no blue sockets in my current gear). I'm sitting at about 13k spirit and 35% mastery I believe. I don't have mana problems often, but that could be because of our healing set up (priest for hymn, shaman for mana tide, and myself for innervate and shado-pan trinket which refuses to be replaced).

Anyways, I hope this information helped a bit and I didn't just ramble about myself like I feel I did lol. If you have any questions just feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Grimlirx @ Stormreaver

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