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952 Fury Warrior - Advice For Improvement

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I wanted to get some feedback on something that's been bothering me. The fury warrior in my guild is quite well geared for the content we're doing, but his dps seems lower than it should be. I play havoc dh so I wouldn't know how to advise him, but I was hoping that if I posted his armory and warcraftlogs here, you guys might be able to give me some pointers to pass along. See below.



Our warrior's name is Hatecore. Thank you in advance.



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Good morning, Valerion.

I looked over Hatecore's Varimathras kill from March 3 and here's a couple of points that stuck out to me.

  • They need to macro Battle Cry and Bloodbath together. There are times that these two abilities are alternating instead of being cast together - sometimes to the extent of being separate from each other. They're losing a lot of Bloodbath damage because of this.
  • Their Battle Cry priority is off. Just as an example, they're supposed to cast Rampage -> Battle Cry + Bloodbath (Macro) -> Rampage, etc. One one of their windows started correctly but held onto Rampage for way too long and lost a lot of damage potential because of it. (Bonuses of the legs they have and the set bonus were wasted due to an improper priority during Battle Cry).
  • They have a wrong talent for this type of fight. Instead of War Machine they should've taken Endless Rage.

While the player is doing mediocre, they could benefit a lot simply by getting a better understanding of the priority of the rotation. I would point them to this thread: Tier 21 7.3.2 Fury Guide & FAQ. Tell them to read it and get some practice on the training dummy / LFR to retrain their muscle memory / ability priority. If done properly, everyone involved should see a substantial damage increase.

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Hey Valerion,

I agree with Sajakain in most things.

Looking at the Vari fight at 11.03:

The biggest problem is, that he doesn't line up his CD's. I don't know who tells the guys that they should keep BB on CD. Besides that he's doing OK with the rotation. Sometimes he's loosing his priority list by pressing RB instead of BT.

Looking at the opener it was: BC-RP-RB-OF-RP-BT-RB-RB

According to our Priority list he should use: BC-RP-OF-BT-RP-BT-RB-RB

BT does more damage than RB + have a proc chance to strike again + higher Rage gain.

He is aware that he should clip RP into BC which is good. But still he uses OF outside of BC which should not be done except execute phase


The T21 set bonus of Fury provides a solid boost for the execute phase, which means that the last 20% of the boss will boost our dps to top level. Therefore it's very important to know what to do in this phase. His rotation is very unstable.

Execute rotation outside of BC should look like: RP (with massacre proc) -> EX -> EX [repeat]. It could always happen to be rage starved and filles like BT and RB are used in this case.

Until BC comes off from Cooldown and the BC rotation:


BC Rotation should be fixed while executing. To use only 2xEX whilst be able to use 3x buffed executes is simply to get again FB up whilst having BC up.


Hope this get's you the information you wanted. Your mate isn't playing bad, he just don't use his full potential. He knows what gear is best and if he fix his rotations and CD management he will get into the top tear of his Itemlevel ranking.

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On 12.3.2018 at 2:49 PM, Milka said:

According to our Priority list he should use: BC-RP-BT-OF-RP-BT-RB-RB

Only to be precise, the correct priority in the battle cry window should be: 

Battlecry+Bloodbath>Rampage>Odyn's fury>Bloodthirst>Rampage>Raging Blow

The possible Odyn's glory buff gives us increased rage generation for potentially faster rampage casts.

edit: Yes BT can proc a 2nd time, but its only a 15% chance.  The chance to get the odyn's glory proc are 50/50, so you have higher chances to burst right into the next rampage



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