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[A] (US) - "The Chosen" Raid Group

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We are going to be organizing a group for obtaining “The Chosen” title.  This is awarded if you complete an entire mythic Trial of Valor without dying.  This achievement is tracked on a personal basis.  See more info @ http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11387/the-chosen#comments

We will be doing this on Saturday nights at 9:00PM PST.  I would like to have everyone with their title within 3-4 lockout periods, there may be a bit of a learning curve depending on how the first week goes.  We will be getting this underway as soon as the roster is filled.

Expectations for performance will be the same as any mythic raider; research the fights and come prepared.  People who cause repeated issues for others will not be invited back the following week.  I’m aware we’ll overpower the content with our gear, but that’s no excuse for playing poorly.  There are still numerous mechanics in all three fights that can devastate you, despite your item level. 

I'm looking for people with mythic raiding experience (any tier) and a minimum item level of 950.  I will be checking your profile, raider.io, and warcraft logs for each applicant.  I don't expect you to be parsing in the 95th percentile, I'm just asking for experienced players, so this can go as smooth as possible.

If you are interested please join the discord server (https://discord.gg/GBrtrs3) and post in the sign ups channel.   Include your class/role and ilevel.  Only people who sign-up via the discord channel will be considered.  We’ll continue the conversation over there.  Thank you!!

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