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Are Overwatch reports anonymous?

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Yes, they are!

When you report a player in Overwatch, there is no notification for the player that has been reported. They are not notified of the report, so you will remain completely anonymous when doing so. 

If your report leads to action against the player, you will receive a message on your next log-in saying so. While it doesn't go into any specifics, it is simply there to let you know that your report helped clean up the community. 

The full message is as follows:


Thank you for your report. Players who violate our policies disrupt Overwatch games for everyone, and your reports help us identify them.

While we can't provide specific details about account penalties, your recent reports led to actions against a player and their account. Your reports make Overwatch a friendlier place for everyone.


If you come across more bad behavior, we hope you'll continue to assist the Overwatch community by reporting it to us.


Blizzard Support

While the reports are anonymous, you should keep in mind that you should not abuse the system. Reporting people for the wrong reasons can lead to actions against your own account for abuse of the report system, with severe misuse leading to bans.

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