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Another Shaman requesting aid : )

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So I am pretty new to my Elemental shaman, played resto throughout Wrath and Cata. I am trying to get this shaman to a point where I can perform well for my raid. I currently am not super worried about being the top dps, because I understand that big numbers don't always mean you are doing your job. I do want to be able to keep up with the other dps classes and contribute the numbers to get stuff down. Basically I have been running some logs of my shaman in LFR and been looking at them myself. Some things I know that I am not doing is prepotting. I find that sometimes it is difficult to do that in an LFR situation not all tanks give a countdown. I also noticed that some fights I have like a 65% uptime on flame shock. I try very hard to keep it up, but it seems like the more target swapping I have to do the more it gets dropped. Lava surge procs are another problem. Especially with the changes to lightning bolt to be cast while moving, I get to spamming LB and feel like I miss some LB procs that are reflected in the logs. I had 193 surge procs and only had 130 LBs. That is bad. I have simmed my toon for stat weights and it is weighing haste out over mastery currently which is why I am stacked in haste. Without any further ado here are my armory links and my logs.






There are other logs posted there that you are free to look at. Hexbizkits is the fail elemental shaman having the problems :) ...Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.



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Hi there, I think you should worry less about gear and more about using your abilities correctly. I think the most important thing you need to learn as ele is how to handle your shock spells. The goal here, roughly, is to never having to delay an earth shock cast (due to cd) while having close to 100% uptime on flame shock.


I suggest you use weak auras to track your lightning shield charges as well as flame shock duration. Having good knowledge of these two factors helps you decide if you should cast your earth shock at less than full charges, or extend flame shock a bit early, in anticipation for a fully charged earth shock. What decides this is not only the cooldown on your shock spells but also the cooldown on Lava Burst, as you never want to cast lava burst without flame shock. 


I'll post my weak aura strings below if that's of interest. 


Also, an easy way of keeping track of your lava burst proccs is having a trigger flash your screen or play a noise when it proccs. I use MSBT for that. 


Flame shock CD: 


Lightning shield charges:


and Fire totem:


Hope this was of some help. Good luck! 

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As ele your job is to strive for perfection. each second that goes by after you made a bad call and slightly lowered your dps you will be tempted to think about it. dont do that. always do your perfect rotation. only think about what you have to do. worry about what you have done afterwards. also, LvB = Lava Burst and LB = Lightning Bolt.


you have a priority rotation that can be simplified to LvB > EB > ES (5+ pref 7) > Lightning Bolt. Always Be Casting.


if you clip a cast you should be spamming LB as you strafe. you should be able to move at all times and be able to time stopping just as you can start your LvB or EB cast and then start moving again. uptime on FS should be 99% unless the tank lets the ele pull for fun to see if he can hit 100%. multi FS if the target will be alive for an entire FS.


Never cast earthquake. it is only still in the game so we have a way to make fun of ppl in pvp (like, "youre so bad i can cast earthquake and still beat you") the rotation for 2-3 targets is to replace lightning bolt with chain lightning and the rotation for 4 or more targets is CL forever.


those are the basics, once you master them you may have questions like "what is my perfect opener?" "how can i maximize ascendance?" and "how much dps does searing totem actually do?"


get the basics down first, then research the tough stuff on your own and try some things yourself. if you still have questions after that, they're more likely to be good questions.

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Thanks Cup, I tested those WeakAura strings and I like them pretty well, though it was only a brief testing, had to go to work. I will be playing with them more tonight. Kitsu thanks for your post, I made the mistake of saying LB for lava burst my fault, however I feel you just copy/pasted that response. I feel like I have seen it on the forums before. I have not just been spamming lightning bolt, I have been trying to get the rotation, however I copied someone else's weak aura strings for ele which may have been a mistake. May have been better to create my own. As I said I am new to the ele shaman, and have good fight and some not so good fights. So I really appreciate the feedback Cup that was helpful and something that I really felt like I was struggling with. These are the weakauras I have been using http://clanperception.eu/gummer/2013/07/weak-auras-setup-shaman-elemental/. I think they are hindering me because the large middle weakaura acts more like a CLCRet addon. Telling what to use next, and alot of times it will not tell me to use earth shock until I have 7 stacks for Lightning Shield.

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