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Survivability problems (balance)

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On 15.3.2018 at 4:32 AM, Luciya said:
  • Hasabel: Move out of Collapsing World. Easily avoidable. You could have survived, but adds were on you. Not much you can do there with the adds, but you shouldn't have been close to dying. Just move.
  • Imonar: Again, move. You stood in direct line of the bombs that get thrown down the aisle. You had 3M or so HP after going onto platform and then, rather than moving, stood still and died to bombs. You took 3 seconds or so of standing still and taking damage to move, at which point you died.
  • Coven: Move. You die to Golganneth, which means you were too close to people.

I could go through each fight, but there's a very constant trend here. You need to learn the tactics and move. You're dying to avoidable damage pretty much every time you die or it's getting you so low that when there is unavoidable damage, you die from it rather than being healed up.

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