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What is World of Warcraft Vanilla?

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Vanilla is generally seen as the basic standard of ice-cream flavours and it's not much different in terms of World of Warcraft.

Vanilla WoW is the basic version of the game that existed before anything else was added - this means a game in which:

  • the level cap was at 60;
  • Draenei, Blood Elves, Worgen, Goblins and Pandaren did not exist as playable races;
  • Death Knights, Monks and Demon Hunters did not exist as playable classes;
  • Outland, Northrend, Tol Barad, Pandaria, Draenor and the Broken Isles did not exist as playable content.

These were the most major differences, but the in-game differences can fill a list over a mile long, ranging from Alterac Valley battlegrounds lasting multiple days to 40-man raids, resistance gear being necessary for certain bosses, mounts being incredibly expensive for the vast majority of the playerbase, auction houses only being in certain cities and so on.

Over the years, many people have constructed private servers (note: these are against the ToS and are shut down regularly by Blizzard) to play with the Vanilla experience. This has since died down vastly due to the announcement that we saw at Blizzcon 2017, at which World of Warcraft: Classic was previewed. This will be a Blizzard created version of the game without any expansions added. You can see the trailer below:

The release date is currently unknown, despite many players asking at every opportunity. As of right now, there has been no major updates that point at a release date since Blizzcon on the topic.

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