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What is Paragon in Diablo 3?

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After you have reached level 70, you will notice that there is a new button located in the centre of the screen, just above your skill bar. It is a blue version of the "New Skill" button that you will have seen while leveling:


If you click on this, you will be introduced to the Paragon Skill Points menu, where you can spend the Paragon points that you earn. You earn them exactly as you would earn XP, but simply playing the game. The first levels are very easy to obtain, but rapidly start becoming more difficult to earn, since there is no cap to Paragon level. You can earn as many as you want to, as long as you put the time in to do so.

As you gain Paragon levels, you will be given the points to spend in one of 4 categories: Core, Offense, Defense, Utility. The game will follow that order in appointing the points one by one. This will continue until you reach Paragon level 800.

Once you hit level 800, the Offense, Defense and Utility sections will all  have the maximum number of points allowed for each - 200. After level 800, all points will now go to the Core section.

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