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On the page for holy and disc priests, you say the best trinkets we can get are the ones from Sha and Blackfuse.


What I am wondering though is what makes these better than the Nazgrim and Thok trinkets? The cleave on Thok's and the multistrike seem to be able to produce a great deal of aoe healing, won't they be better, at least for heavy aoe healing fights than the one's you suggest?

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Those twos are garbage as stated, since the proc chance is so small and uncontrollable, they are just pointless to use. Granted though IF they happen to proc when you need them too then yes they would be better but in all likelihood that isn't the case. 


Sha's is amazing hands down one of the bis for healers. As for blackfuse its still meh, i dislike spirit proc's since blizz made all mana return moves ignore spirit procs. If you are having mana issues but don't want more spirit then go after normal+ Horridon's Last Grasp. 


You can also use Immerseus' trinket if you want the passive stats, you just wont be able to get the int proc from it.

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