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Help with statpriority on disc priest

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Without knowing the specifics, Haste is the best stat for Discipline as long as you aren't running out of mana. If you are running out of mana, then it's a mountain of wasted stats. Pretty much all or nothing there. If you are having mana issues, then consider Critical Strike instead. That's a good boost to damage which improves transfer by Atonement. Mastery is close in value, but it only increases Atonement transfer and not the damage you do.

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3 minutes ago, Gubstep said:

You should generate your stat weights.

I actually did a video on how to do with with AskMrRobot or RaidBots

While this isn't a huge necro, you're posting in a thread that is nearly a month old with a pretty much closed discussion with no actual input other than boosting views for your video. It's not possible to generate weights through AMR or RB for Disc, so this video has absolutely no relevance here.

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