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Another fury in need of help.

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Hello there!

Looking at some of your recent logs, it seems like most of the raid teams you've ran with outgear you by a pretty sizeable amount. So comparing your DPS to someone who is 17 ilvls above you may not always be the path to success. Moving past that, your recent kills of Felhounds and Garothi on Mythic have you ranking 34th and 29th (based on your ilvl) percentile! Congratulations!

On your Garothi(M), it seems like you died just before or mid-execute phase. The damage taken was over 15 seconds, and that's a long time without a heal! If you had survived through that phase your DPS would have been significantly higher, seeing as you only managed to slip in 2 Executes the whole fight (compare it to Stiffe's 25 Executes). Make sure to use your Bloodbath during that phase as it has a great synergy with your Soul of the Battlelord and your Execute/Rampage mix.

Warriors are inherently "back end" executioners and lasting to the end of the fight is incredibly key to your overall input to the raid. I would HIGHLY suggest going over the Class Guides above, as they are incredibly detailed and well thought out.

Good luck!


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On 24.3.2018 at 12:29 AM, Whitewlker said:



Please tell me what I`m doing wrong. I feel like my aoe is decent but my single target dps feels low.

Thank you for your time. 


While I agree that you did well in your ilvl bracket, you're still underperforming somewhat. 

You are losing DPS for just stupid errors, basically, that are bad judgement in the heat of the moment. Check your spell priority. You are losing BT casts overall due to casting Furious Slash multiple times, with some BT windows being over 5 seconds long due to you delaying them with an FS.

You are incredibly slow at getting back to the boss on Garothi after the slam. Use your leap better more efficiently to cover distance on the way back. 

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