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This thread is for comments about our Necromancer Generator Build with Grace of Inarius set.

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Hey! Just wondered how on earth you're supposed to stay alive with this build. :) Currently got all pieces except Krysbin's, but damage isn't the issue (Actually bombing my way through things. ..While my cheat death keeps me vulnerable anyway ^^)

My Dayntee's isn't fantastic, but I'm getting absolutely mauled on TXII and above.

Also wondering about sustain with this build: Can it be that you're limited to LPH from Paragons, The gem for primaries and life globes? With the amount of stationary scythe-hacking in this build, it seems like more sustain is required to survive.


-Some noob, ready to learn :D

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I think the problem with this build is that it doesn't know what it wants to be.


Starting with the GR build (the speedfarming has it's own problems):

Summoned Skeles and Mage makes me think pet master. Even if it's suicide skeles. But the Stand Alone passive is counter intuitive (It doesn't take long for more to spawn), and anything operating outside the Inarius 6 Bonestorm is weak. Too weak to bother with.

But it's an Inarius build, which says melee. And Grim Scythe/Trag Fang/Depth Diggers/Simplicity's Strength agree. That being said, the Nova Blight Rune is sub-optimal - The BotT aura already slows anything nearby, which procs the Krysbin, and the DR is minimal next to the 15 stacks of Bone Armour you should have up anyway.

Simplicity's Strength and BotS suggests it's a generator build. Skele/Mage aside, Nova and Inarius Bonestorm synergise way too well to not get spammed.

Because Grim Scythe/Trag is the only source of curses (in the GR variant), you don't get the full benefit of Spreading Malediction. Worse, you have only sporadic activation on the Dayntees. Trash Mobs die too quickly, and all it takes is one bad hit.

Then there's the Nemesis Bracers, but no In-Geom or BotP to take advantage of the extra elites. Nemesis Bracers will help clear times, but waster potential. Parthan Defenders could be an alternative, since you're using the Dislocation rune.

The CoE is useful on a Necromancer because you have a three element rotation, while most classes have four, but that does mean an 8 second window where your spells are less effective. Not usually a problem, but the core play of the build is around Nayr's Black Death, which pretty much calls for constant casting.




As for the speed farming build...


Downside, loss of the Death Nova. That AoE clears trash in a flash.

On the upside, Aura of Frailty synergies with Dayntees. Oh wait, Goldwrap. Never mind. At least there's now a Briggs, perfect for drawing every mob on the screen into AoE range. Wait...

And it's a Grim Scythe build... Without the Trag's Fang's 200% bonus.

How's the gameplay differ... More mages, no Nova? Still a melee focused build, with everything being pulled into melee range, now with less melee range skills.

I would've dropped the Mages and kept the Nova personally.

Then again, I probably would just rely on a Shadowhook, rather than a balancing act of Nayr and Ledgers.

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