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<GRID> is Recruiting All player For All Seasons

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We are a new clan ( Flynn's Arcade ) looking for seasonal players to join us. We are a sociable and fun group who are always looking to help each other out. We play daily and at weekends we play long into the night. Casual and hardcore players are all welcome and even new players we will do our very best to help you out and improve your game.

Most play Softcore

We have our own Discord server dedicated on all things Diablo III where we have a laugh, share builds and brag about the drops we have found.

If you wanna join you can find us in game

PhilSlip#2423 ( Server owner ) ThreeStripes#21773 ( Admin ) Trev DX#6481 ( Admin ) Agricola#2268 ( Admin )

See you in Tristram 🙂

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With Season 14 coming to a end and season 15 just around the corner our clan will letting go of a few inactive members and welcoming new members for the upcoming season. If you would like to join please contact me PhilSlip#2423 We are currently forming groups for opening night for the season for the race to 70 and we also have members forming non meta / meta groups including Rats. See you in Tristram   :bigD:

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Was invited to clan and sheared on clan chat to everybody and thanked for invite, nobody answered or welcomed me. 10 minutes later I asked politely only ONCE if there was any group helping with PL. Got no answer and 5 minutes later was disbanded from clan.

Maybe it was my fault , I shouldnt have asked for a PL but even if that was the case kicking someone from a clan without any information I think its rude.



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