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My main spec is destruction because it's easy to pull off high dps with it, both on single target and AoE.


When i switch to either demonology or affliction my single target dps drops dramatically (we're talking about a 20k dps drop), and i'm not even talking about AoE damage, where destruction totally shines. Also Simcraft with my current gear says i can do 136k dps. I do 91k (in demonology spec ofc)


My armory : ilvl 529



My 5minutes log on a raid dummy today: (91k dps with ilvl 529, where simcraft says 136K possible)



I follow the instructions laid out by Zagam here on Icy veins:

My rotation goes like this:


Opener : Doomguard / CoE / Corruption / Doom


Then i go back in human form and start my rotation:

Spam shadow bolt, refresh corruption/Guldan, Soul Fire on Molten Core procs


When i reach 900 demonic fury, i use Dark Soul then go in demon form, refresh Doom, spam touch of chaos and soul fire on molten core procs. When Dark Soul fades, i revert to human form and do the regular rotation.


I simply do not understand how my dps can suffer so much and i hope you can help me understand.



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  1. Don't trust SimC
  2. 5 min is a very short amount of time. Demo does best with long fights, longer the better. That's why you see it used a good bit in heroic raiding, normals are just to short for demo to have time to shine. Personally I wouldn't use demo on anything less than 8 min.
  3. "testing" on a raid dummy is fairly useless. Go in to flex or even LFR if you can't get a normal run and log, that will be much more useful.
  4. Your haste is to low, you want to at least hit the 8100 BP for doom.
  5. Your gear in general is really low for demo to work with, you need another 30 ilvl before it works well.

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