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Some MW monk help please

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I'm really hoping someone here could please help me with my monk. I've tried reading most guides or threads that could help but I'm still not sure where I'm going wrong. I'm currently at 518ilvl and I'm raiding SoO normal, I'm currently pulling on average about 70k hps on most fights and if I push it I can maybe get it 75k hps.


My rotation is generally to cast renewing mist and chi wave on cooldown. Casting uplift whenever I have 2 or more chi. Soothing mist generally to build chi and surging and enveloping mist only when is absolutely necessary. I do try to make use off TFT on cooldown but admittedly it sometimes slips my mind. Revival I tend to use as the situation dictates. 


For reference here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Caoineag/simple

and here is my AMR page: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/usa/silvermoon/caoineag


I tried to go for a slightly tweaked version of a low spirit build I'd seen.

I'm really just hoping that someone can help me out in terms of telling me whether it is my build, rotation or gear that is issue and really any advice what so ever. 

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When you say tweaked version of the low spirit build, what do you mean?  Did you set a spirit cap? if so how much?


What difficulty are you doing? (LFR/Flex/Normal/Heroic)


Do you have any logs of you doing bosses? even if its LFR.  


What do you use for addons? (Vuhdo/healbot etc..)


Do you use weakauras? if you do are you using the renewing mists tracker to make good use of TfT?

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I don't currently have any logs, we've been forgetting as a group to log our fights. We are doing it on normal difficulty. I use elvui, need to know to keep track of cooldowns and  I use weakauras to track the healing of my next  uplift and to keep track of how long my renewing mist has left before falling off. I tweaked the build a little to give me a 7000 spirit  soft cap

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