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[NA/EU] Active Heroes Community Looking For More

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Did you ever want to find a community where every member is active, has a friendly player base and has options within for competitive or casual players? Well if you answered yes for any of the questions then you found the right place, TAW.


We are TAW, a teamspeak basedm close-knit community spanning a variety of games that uses a military theme. TAW is an organized group that is always looking for friendly new faces who want to find like minded individuals to get together and have fun/get better. TAW prides ourselves on having a fully active community that enjoys and wants to play together.


Two times during the week we host events. These events gather all players, that can make it into our channel to play games together. These events last a minimum of one hour and can be anything from casual quick match, unranked, customs games (Gods Among Us or in-house tournaments for example) to competitive team league. In other words, no matter what you enjoy there will be something and someone for you.


On top of the events, TAW also helps put together fireteams (a fancy word for competitive team that plays together to achieve a common goal) and has higher ranked players open to hosting training sessions by playing with and going over replays with those looking to improve.


TAW also had and has future plans for tournaments of all ranks. We ran a very successful, professional tournament named the TAW Open, we ran and will pick up again monthly tournaments NA vs EU and will

run other prize pool tournaments in the future.


If this is something that interests you feel free to sign up at https://taw.net/themes/taw/user/application.aspx or contact an officer on battle.net at Metball11#1106, Tyro#11372, SmittyWerben#11156

You can also join our discord to find games with others: https://discord.gg/pxQx5SS


We can't wait to meet and play with you, see you in the Nexus!

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