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Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition: A Tale of Two Novellas

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Blizzard released short excerpts from novellas depicting the Burning of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Alliance (Elegy, by Christie Golden) and the Horde (A Good War, by Robert Brooks). Both novellas can be found in the Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth available for pre-order at your local retailer.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

There are two sides to every story. Get a taste for the tension and drama that unfolds in this preview of our Battle for Azeroth novellas: Elegy by Christie Golden and A Good War by Robert Brooks. These two tales explore the Horde and the Alliance versions of a fateful event, but only you can decide which faction tells it best.

The full versions of both novellas are available in one beautiful hardback edition, complete with original and exclusive artwork, in the Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth—available for pre-order at your local retailer now.

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There is more to this story than meets the eye. Sylvanas isn't Garrosh, she attacks with reason, and tactical precision. Something about attacking Darnassus out of nowhere just to get to Tyrande seems off somehow.

The first picture is strange too. She's dressed like Sylvanas, and yet, that person doean't look like her completely. The eyes seem normal, the skin alive and well, and the smile seems out of character for Sylvanas too. Hers tend to be different.

Is another small faction in the Horde trying to frame her? A fascinating option, and something that makes me convinced I need to get this. Midnight opening in 4 months, here I come.

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9 hours ago, Lampanelli said:

The first picture is strange too. She's dressed like Sylvanas, and yet, that person doean't look like her completely. The eyes seem normal, the skin alive and well, and the smile seems out of character for Sylvanas too. Hers tend to be different.

I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that that picture is of Sylvanas. She's not dressed like Sylvanas at all:




No skulls or feathers on the shoulders, the thigh armor plates are much lower in my picture, there's none of those "frills" below her chest. I'm not even talking about hair color differences... Ever since the legion opening cinematic (And once again in BfA), she's also using full leather to cover her belly.



Edit: Added a more recent picture:


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So, I originally posted on the WoW forums that....

(You can't brand, "There are two sides to every story." Seems pretty one-sided to me...The Horde is being written as the aggressor, yet again...Still not looking forward to the story in the this expansion...

I feel like Chronicle paving the story is practically useless as like some of the post War III-Pre-Cata stuff is completely irrelevant. Like, I am all for this war stuff but come on...doing the whole trope of making the Horde bad is getting ridiculous. The Alliance has their "demons" that don't get shown in the story... such as how Greymane is more likely to cause the war since he has obsession with killing Undead, hence why he made his people Worgen...despite Arugal being reserved about it.. (Chronicle III) or how no one in the Alliance really trusts each other...(Chronicle III).

I mean its rather shoddy story...Lets have an expansion dedicated to Empirical Garrosh who commands the Horde to blow up Theramore so that we can have the Alliance and the separatist Horde siege Orgrimmar and take it back. After that, lets have the Horde leader do nothing for an expansion, kill him because we are killing the Alliance King...but lets ultimately blame the Horde for his death. So that the next expansion we have Undead Female Garrosh 2.0, command the Horde to blow up a tree so the Alliance can take back Undercity, which is the home of all the people that make up the Forsaken and the people Humans and Elves of the Alliance completely abandoned after they gained free will from the Lich King.

It just seems lazy to have an expansion because the Horde decided one day...Night Elves shouldn't be on Kalimdor...so lets go murder them...seems like Bloodlust / Garrosh mentality...")

BUT now I want to give Blizzard some credit for a second here about these stories....

1. We can't believe the broadcast texts that are being mined because Ion and Christie Golden stated prior to Alpha, "Who knows what will be real and fake when people start data-mining texts". I am sure everyone is aware, the biggest thorn in Blizz's side are the data miners, while us as lovers of the game and their story, enjoy getting some spoilers, the data miners tend to help aide in the downfall of the story due as Blizz counters what they see. I say this because sometimes writers love what they write and hate when people see what they write before the whole story is finished...and that causes them to react a little more erratically by changing things, its a weird (I wont let you know what happens until I want you too) i.e. Warlords of Draenor. Aside from time constraints and all that, Blizzard used the counterproductive campaign against a few data miners. As things were being "announced" things would magically not end up in the game, hence why the first content patch of WoD was a Selfie-Camera..However, I do believe there was a lot more going on at Blizzard which aided in WoD being a terrible expansion.

2. These above stories excerpts at first glimpse does promote an antagonistic Horde but what if we are all wrong..including myself to believe the Horde is acting irrationally. Think about this in Chronicle III it is re-highlighting the faction/racial leaders objectives. These bits about the leaders we love aren't retconning them, its reconfirming what they have always written as but because people are factionist or racist in the game...we made our own assumptions on the people we like in the story. (I could go on a long rant about how we have been blinded by the politics / leader development in the game on another forum).

3. When I first saw the picture of Malfurion and Saurfang...I saw something different. I saw a menacing Malfurion, look at his eyes..this is a different Malfurion than the crying "HELP ME TYRANDE, I NEED YOUUUU" Malfurion we dealt with during the Val'sharah quest line. He looks ready to spill blood...something very different from the Malfurion we have seen since War of the Ancients, Reign of Chaos, The Frozen Throne, Cataclysm...Malfurion which was designed to be the Alliance's Thrall, neutral. However, Malfurion has likely changed and I think a reason for this is the fact that he was trapped in the Nightmare for a long period of time and being held by Xavius. Who has 100% had no issues with corrupting people with just one minor touch or with few words. I mean he easily corrupted...The Emerald Guardians, Nythendra, Ysera, Fandral Staghelm (we'll get to him), Ursoc, Cenarius, the list goes on. How do we not know that Malfurion hasn't been tainted? We don't...because his story ended in the Rift of Aln...when we killed Xavius. 
          Theory piece 1: Malfurion...was chosen as N'zoth's next harbinger in response to Xavius's death. "Il'gonyth whispers: The Lord of Ravens will turn the key" Well...this may sound like a stretch but what if Malfurion is the Lord of Ravens. We want to believe that its either some mysterious rogue, Khadgar or whoever else...lets no forget Malfurion is a druid...and a Druid of the Talon none the less...Elerethe Renferal...was corrupted and her phased forms were a Spider and a Raven-like bird. Historically, Druid of the Talons shape shifting form was a Raven-like bird in Warcraft III (FYI). 

            Theory Piece 2: In Chronicle III, It touches on something very interestingly that no one would have really caught unless they paid that much attention to...Teldrassil, like Andrassil....is corrupted by the Nightmare. When Fandral went out in rebellion against Malfurion for preventing him from planting more seeds to create World Trees, Fandral knocked out Malfurion in the Emerald Dream which caused him to be mainly absent throughout majority of the game until Cataclysm. When Fandral planted the seeds of Teledrassil and the tree grew, he was in communication with Xavius who eventually led Fandral to being corrupted by N'zoth and aided in the tree becoming corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare and this incident has been swept under the rug and never mentioned to the Night Elves. However, we later assume that corruption was cleansed on Malfurion and Tyrande's wedding day right? Well, during Cataclysm and majority of Malfurion's time awake until Legion...he spent watching Teldrassil as he felt that the World Tree was never fully safe and we did enter the Rift of Aln when we went beyond Shaladrassil in the Emerald Nightmare.

4. Il'gonyth whispers:
         A. "Five keys to open way, five torches to light our path".
         - This has been interpreted on so many levels which is great... I am sticking with the World Tree theory, with Teldrassil being the last "door" to the Old Gods. Shaladrassil, Vordrassil, Nordrassil and Unnamed tree that was in Un'goro are all fallen...either corrupted, burnt or destroyed...the only one left is Teldrassil...

         B. " Its surface blazes bright, masking shadows below"
         - Going on my theory, this is a direct statement highlighting that Teldrassil has remained corrupted despite the Alexstrasza, Ysera blessings and that it will burst into flames. (Side Note: We don't know what happens to a Dragonflight's blessing after they die or become corrupted).

5. What we know....Malfurion is going to be involved with Teldrassil somehow...whether he is saving it or he is creating the fire and is likely going to be a casualty...The Horde is looking more and more to be an aggressor by the data mined and release of the above excerpts. Saurfang has either a come to jesus or something else. Saufang fights to defend Lordaeron.

My wishful thinking: Malfurion is corrupted/or knows that Teldrassil is corrupted. Somehow the Azerite sprouts near the Darkshore which is probably due to the Cataclysm or the corrupted roots of the Tree. The Night Elves by direction of Malfurion march against the Horde who in turn defend and push forward. Whatever happens on Teldrassil does not cause Saurfang to "desert", if we was going to splinter from the Horde...he would have done so prior to Lordaeron, plus he was there before the tree was lit into flames. I think Saurfang may have two paths, 1. To pretend to defect for Sylvanas to understand how deep the corruption in the Alliance lies...(they did accept Void Elves) or 2. He wants to speak to Anduin to let him know what happened at Teldrassil and state that Malfurion is the reason Darnassus was destroyed. (There are definitely holes in my theory, but I think until June-August, we can't really rule out a lot..) and if blizzad does continue with the cookie cutter story line that Horde is and and Alliance is good...then it goes to show you they wasted $$$ on Christie Golden...to only dot i's and cross t's better than their $60K a year...writing team...



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