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Project 90 - Alliance (U.S)

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Brand new Project 90 guild on Stormrage U.S. Guild has been created today so very new. Will provide rules and discord below for people who are interested. Rules:

-LFD/LFG is allowed

  • LFR is strictly forbidden because I want to progress through the raids as a guild :)

-Heirlooms are allowed until level 80. At 80 must be removed.

-Mounts in general are allowed at level 20 for normal speed and 40 for faster speed

-flying mounts are allowed to be used at level 60

-Allied races are not allowed

-you are not allowed to get carried through dungeons by higher level players.

-if you were to make a alt you can use heirlooms to level

-All classes are allowed except for DH.

-Rep items are allowed but only at 90

-No items that increase exp gain, events, anniversary items, etc

-Talents can be used while leveling

-pvp gear is exclusively for pvp, no pvp gear in raids, if you have pvp gear in a raid and are caught you will be kicked from the raid and replaced for that night, same goes with level 90 WoD gear if you are caught with it you will be kicked from the raiding team in general, and potentially receive greater consequences once raid leads/GMs talk about it

-Auction house is allowed but if the gear isn't from Mists or lower you can't buy it

-Water strider is allowed but must be gained before using even if you already have the mount. Rare hunter pets like the spirit porcupines must be gained with guildies only

-If you find a zandalari warleader/scout call it in guild chat and form a group and take it down, get that rep :)

-Scenarios must be done as a full guild group all 3 participants must be guildies

-Professions are allowed but only up to skill level 600.

Discord: https://discord.gg/wrThCya

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