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Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth Dungeon Journal Preview

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Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth is the 6th boss in Uldir. He will be tested tomorrow on Heroic difficulty at 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST). We've got you covered with a preview of the encounter from the in-game dungeon journal!

How to Join Testing?

In Boralus, Zuldazar, or Dalaran, speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. You can find more details here.


Zek'voz attacks players while the compromised Titan Discs come online, calling forth powerful Old God magics and summoning their lesser servants. As new Titan Discs come online, previously activated Discs will power down.

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers

  • Keep a safe distance from your allies when Eye BeamEye Beam is preparing to fire.
  • Consider your positioning when Roiling DeceitRoiling Deceit is about to expire.

nACJhxi.png Healers

  • Titan SparkTitan Spark strikes random targets periodically.
  • Void SurgeSurging Darkness inflicts substantial damage to all party members in addition to the lethal damage within each eruption.

iJc8x9S.png Tanks


  • Titan SparkTitan Spark - Titan energy arcs from the damaged Titan Disc, striking several targets for 8,970 Nature damage.
  • rJnHTBu.pngyXEHE6D.png Void SurgeSurging Darkness - Upon reaching 100 energy, Zek'voz unleashes a series of eruptions in quick succession. Each eruption inflicts 10,000 Shadow damage to players caught within it. In addition, each eruption inflicts 8,000 Shadow damage to all players.
  • iJc8x9S.png Might of the VoidMight of the Void - Zek'voz performs a series of powerful attacks.
    • iJc8x9S.png Void LashVoid Lash - Zek'voz summons lashing tentacles, inflicting 28,700 Shadow damage in a frontal cone, and reduces healing received by 50% for 8 sec. This effect stacks.
    • iJc8x9S.png ShatterShatter - Zek'voz strikes the target, inflicting 143,000 Physical damage and increasing Physical damage taken by 50% for 40 sec.

Stage One: Chaos

At 90% health remaining Protocol: Chaos begins. Summoning projections of C'Thun and replicating minions from the Qiraji empire.

  • yXEHE6D.png Chaotic GlareEye Beam - The Eye of C'Thun penetrates the soul of the target, dealing 33,700 Shadow damage and leaping to any nearby allies for increased damage.
  • Qiraji Warrior
    • FixateFixate - A Qiraji Warrior sets its attention on an enemy. Lasts 15 sec or until it strikes its target.
    • Jagged MandibleJagged Mandible - The Qiraji Warrior's melee attacks maim the target, inflicting 6,718 Physical damage every 3 sec. This effect stacks.
    • A3YYU72.png In Heroic difficulty, Jagged MandibleJagged Mandible also reduces movement speed by 50%.

Stage Two: Deception

At 70% health remaining Protocol: Deception begins. Summoning projections of Yogg-Saron and replicating servants from Azjol-Nerub.

  • rJnHTBu.png Roiling DeceitRoiling Deceit - Yogg-Saron corrupts the target, inflicts 16,320 Shadow damage every 3 sec and forms an Ominous Cloud upon expiration.
  • Ominous Cloud
    • Ominous Clouds slowly drift through the area and will Boil Ominously if an enemy strays too close, summoning a Guardian of Yogg-Saron.
      • Guardian of Yogg Saron (Casts Shadow Nova upon raching 100 energy when defeated).
        • yXEHE6D.png Shadow NovaShadow Nova - Self destructs, Inflicting 19,950 Shadow damage to all enemies.
  • Anub'ar Voidweaver
    • ShadowbindShadowbind - The caster binds itself, preventing forced movement effects.
    • HPIZR4E.png Dark VolleyVoid Bolt - Launches Shadow energy towards an enemy, inflicting 32,600 Shadow damage.

Stage Three: Corruption

At 50% health remaining Protocol: Corruption begins. The magic released from the damaged Titan Discs appears to be unchecked and more than a demonstration of power...

  • Overload - The damaged disc activates, increasing the frequency of Titan SparkTitan Spark.
  • rJnHTBu.pngyXEHE6D.png Orb of CorruptionOrb of Corruption - Explodes on impact with ground, inflicting 15,000 Shadow damage to all players. Pulses every 5 sec while grounded for 100% increased damage. Intercepting the Orb of Corruption launchs the orb forward and afflicts the intercepting player with Corruptor's PactCorruptor's Pact.
    • Corruptor's PactCorruptor's Pact - Overwhelming power courses through you. Maximum health, damage done, and healing done increased by 100%. Afflicted by Will of the Corruptor upon expiration.
  • Service of N'ZothWill of the Corruptor - The mind of the victim is overtaken, forcing them to attack their allies until they are slain.
  • A3YYU72.png In Heroic difficulty, Service of N'ZothWill of the Corruptor causes the victim to release an Entropic WaveEntropic Wave.
    • rJnHTBu.png Entropic WaveEntropic Wave - Releases a wave of pure void energy, causing 15,000 Shadow damage to players within 8 yards and causing them to flee in fear for 6 sec.
    • HPIZR4E.png Entropic BlastEntropic Blast - Blasts the target's mind for 9,970 Shadow damage and causes them to flee in fear for 6 sec.
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      Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase each week until the week of October 1, according to Blizzard, despite the fact that in previous Seasons, it ended around the twelve-week mark.
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      This is an inquiry, I’m not asking that it be cut off. I think they should leave it on, but that wouldn’t fit the prior seasons.
      No to both questions. 🙂
      As things currently stand, Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase each week until the week of October 1.
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