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Fire Mage Addons question

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Hey everyone - I'm coming back to WOW after a 3 year break and I'm leveling a mage (fire lvl 33) - something I wanted to do before leaving.  I have read the articles on the addon but is that it?  I'm curious  what addons do you use for leveling, mobs, dungeons, etc...




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There are 2 base addons that would make everyone's life easier: "ElvUI" and "Weak Auras 2".

ElvUI contains Quality of Life (QoL) improvements like: 
1. Single bag frame with sorting functionality. 
2. Simple nameplates (health bars above enemies) and unit frames (character & target health bars)
3. Customization for action bars and easy keybinds.

Weak Auras 2 (WA2) helps track and display certain conditions like:
1. Showing when a spell is off cooldown
2. The remaining timer for a debuff or buff.
Some people prefer "TellMeWhen", but WA2 is highly programmable.

Another 2 QoL addons are "TomTom" and "Paste".
TomTom is a navigation addon, and Paste just makes it easier to use.
Example is you are looking for the location of certain NPCs online and get their coordinates, then you input those coordinates in TomTom.

Leveling addons that I've used are "WoWPro"  and "ConsLegion".

End-Game dungeons and raiding addons I recommend are:
"Details!" or "Skada" as your DPS meter.
"Deadly Boss Mods" for tracking fight mechanics (When is the boss going to use X spell)

End-Game open world questing I would recommend "World Quest Tracker" and "World Quest Group Finder".
The tracker shows a nice list of World Quests for each zone with their rewards.
The group finder allows you to quickly group up with other players doing the quests

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Putting Postal in to this as well, just because opening mail is so tedious.

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