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Just looking for some help here.. cant figure it out myself. Recently (past couple weeks) I have been having problems with Elvui keeping ONE keybind. My V key. all my other keybinds persist thru logoff on World of Warcraft but my keybind that i set up for V i have to redo everytime i log on or reload my ui. Any suggestions. Ive tried keybinding V to a different action bar, ive tried keybinding it to character specific as well as non specific. Tried keybinding it thru the WoW keybinding as well as Elvui's keybinding but nothing works and it is ONLY with my V key


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well the 'v' key is commonly used for toggling to display nameplates.

maybe if you go to the blizzard keybinds and reassign that setting to another key.

then try mapping v to an action bar or whatever else.

Let me know if it worked...

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