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DH DD - Which Trinkets

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Hy guys, in before, sorry for my bad english, trying my best that you ll understand me.


I´m playing the Demonhunter for about 3 Month now as my main, and now trying to play M+ Dungeons 20+ , also i m starting with mythic raiding.

My problem is that i am not preety sure which Trinkets i should use for which situation... also my problem is that i dont know which legendarys i should use for which boss... or which situatuon

I got the following Trinkets:

Golganneth´s Vitality (985)

Shadow-Singed Fang (945)

Seeping Scourgewing (945)

Eye of Command (945)


Got all Legendarys exept the Trinket.


Normally i am using the Raddons and the Ring with 4x T21 pieces.

On Single Target i am switching to the ring and the Shoulders.


Is this right, or should i always use the Head + Ring ?

And especially my question for the trinkets, which trinket on which situation ? 


Thanks and againg sorry for my english.




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For starters, each iteration is going to be extremely close to each other in regards to damage done. Like 1% difference. But if you're looking to min/max your damage I follow these simple rules. Your trinket choice should be based on simming your character. Depending on your stat weights and the amount of crit you have, they could be different.

For Mythic+ 

1. You'll want to use Raddon's and the half-giants ring for AOE situations, bosses or not. The shoulders are only good if the boss will last long enough to get another Meta from it. Otherwise, you can use Raddon's. In terms of dps, I find I get more out of the extra eyebeam casts than I do with the shoulders.

2.  Sephuz's is a very strong ring if you can get the proc everytime it is up. I switch between sephuz and half-giants depending on if I can get the proc or not. They are extremely close in dps. Like 10k damage for my character so I normally just stay with half-giants unless it's trash.

For Mythic Raiding

1. Each boss will be different and it'll depend on how many targets you can hit with eyebeam and what your uptime on the boss will be. If you can have multiple targets hit by eyebeam regularly then Raddon's, if you are pure single target (Garothi, Vari) then I use the shoulders. Now again, just like with Mythic+ the shoulders entirely depend on getting that extra Meta. 

2. Trinket wise sim your character. I use Raidbots, and the Simc addon. Plug and drop to find out which trinket is the strongest for your character. I always come up with golganeths (1000), and seeping (950). Seeping is technically the strongest single target trinket, scourgewing can beat it in AOE, but with how much crit we already should have (>50%) I don't see eye of command winning in any situation.

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