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Fellow Mistweavers,


I'm in need of assistance.  I'm a fairly well geared MW, but for some reason or another I can't seem to generate the Chi that the other MW in our guild does and as such can't use Uplift nearly as much.  So I ask you, what am I doing wrong as far as Chi generation?


My Profile:



Latest 25 man log:



I know I have a fairly high Spirit, but I find it useful in the 10man raids.


Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Most of his chi came from soothing mists..  he also got more from his renewing mists and expel harm.


You should be using ReM and EH on CD.  Make a weak aura to remind you to use it.


As for Soothing mists, if you spam your soothing mists button then it will have you generate chi quicker than just channeling it.

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