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Holy Paladin & Mistweaver Monk Feedback: Apr 26

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A roundup of the latest blue posts dealing with Class feedback in Battle for Azeroth Beta.

Holy Paladin Feedback

Holy Paladin Talents (Source)

Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Crusader's MightCrusader's Might Bestow FaithBestow Faith Light's HammerLight's Hammer
30 CavalierCavalier Unbreakable SpiritUnbreakable Spirit Rule of LawRule of Law
45 Fist of JusticeFist of Justice RepentanceRepentance Blinding LightBlinding Light
60 Devotion AuraDevotion Aura Aura of SacrificeAura of Sacrifice Aura of MercyAura of Mercy
75 Judgment of LightJudgment of Light  Holy AvengerHoly Avenger Holy PrismHoly Prism
90 Sanctified WrathSanctified Wrath Avenging CrusaderAvenging Crusader *new* AwakeningAwakening *new*
100 Divine PurposeDivine Purpose Beacon of FaithBeacon of Faith Beacon of VirtueBeacon of Virtue

They want to keep Beacon of FaithBeacon of Faith and have the level 100 talent row competitive. Divine PurposeDivine Purpose is an all-purpose talent that's not as situation-dependent as all of the Beacon variants. AwakeningAwakening and Holy PrismHoly Prism may receive buffs in a future Beta Build.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

We want to keep Beacon of FaithBeacon of Faith, but also have that row be competitive. Even though we rarely do kiss/curse talents, this is a case where it's worth it to use the % transfer to balance the talent. It's also deceptively strong, because even though it looks like "30% reduction" means you get only 1.4x the usual benefit of Beacon--in reality you often cast on one of the two tanks, get the mana return consolation prize, get any set bonuses or traits that trigger, and still get 70% benefit from the other beacon. Long story short, agreed that the health of that row depends on things being able to compete with Beacon of FaithBeacon of Faith. Divine PurposeDivine Purpose is still something we want to try on that row, as a more all-purpose talent that's not as situation-dependent as all of the Beacon variants.

AwakeningAwakening may well need to be stronger. Its tuning should reflect a premium for the fact that it's uncontrolled. It's already buffed from The Topless TowerThe Topless Tower to try to better account for that; we'll keep an eye on it at least.

Holy PrismHoly Prism may well need to be stronger also. But, like many talents that add new damage/healing buttons, it's already getting stronger relative to its peers due to the departure of Artifacts. We'll see if that's enough on its new row.

We like Beacon of VirtueBeacon of Virtue as well! Nothing planned there other than any minor tuning that may arise.

Monk's Renewing MistRenewing Mist

This is a follow up to the latest Mistweaver Monk blue post. In an upcoming Beta Build, Renewing MistRenewing Mist will automatically jump if you cast a new one to overwrite it.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Thanks for all the followup on Renewing MistRenewing Mist. In an upcoming beta build, we're likely going to try having Renewing MistRenewing Mist automatically try to jump, if you cast a new one that would overwrite it.
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      Kyrian Covenant Set Bonuses
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      Soul Replenishment (3-piece): Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Shadowland zones. While in your Covenant's realm, the regeneration amount is increased. Penance Brand (5-piece): Your spells and abilities have a chance to inflict Penance Brand on your target dealing 660 Shadow damage over 6 sec and healing you for the same amount. One With Shadows (8-piece): While Door of Shadows is off cooldown your pri is increased by 80 and its range is increased by 5 while in outdoor Shadowland zones.
    • By BluePosts
      Soulshape, the Night Fae Covenant Signature Ability, currently behaves inconsistently, and the design intention for it is to work similarly to a Shaman's Ghost Wolf or a Druid's Travel Form when it comes to other abilities canceling the form.
      We’ve seen some questions recently about inconsistencies with abilities that cancel Soulshape and abilities that are usable during Soulshape without canceling it. This is a work in progress.
      The design intention here is that Soulshape should behave similarly to a Shaman’s Ghost Wolf or a Druid’s Travel Form – all activated abilities should cancel Soulshape, with a few exceptions. When work is complete, Shaman or Druid abilities that do not already cancel Ghost Wolf / Travel Form should not cancel Soulshape. Another example to follow is Glide for Demon Hunters.
      As of this latest build of the Shadowlands Beta, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Druid abilities are set up appropriately, with the exception of some PvP talents. We’ll make this behavior consistent across the remaining classes in future builds.
      I noticed that Howling Blast did not cancel Soulshape.
      This is a bug that we’re fixing as soon as possible.
      Also a bug: Death Knights might see a strange error message (“Must be in Undead”) if you try to cast abilities in Soulshape right now. We’ll get that fixed.
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