Arcane Mage in Need of Tips!

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Hello IV! I am a Mage that is in need of big help!

I played early Mop and at that time I played as a Fire mage, now when i returned to 5.4 Fire isn't really viable with the ilvl i have rigth now!

I started out in frost and now i got ilvl538 and figured that that is enough to go Arcane.

I have like 14k Mastery and that is pretty desent i guesse.

But i cannot get my dps up very high! Atleast not for longer periods of time.

When I start out I can be around 170-200k but i can't keep it up at all.

Do you guys have any good Tips or any thing? I could add anyone who migth want to help in game.

I am Ally!

Sorry for the wierd typing English isn't my mother tongue.


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Well let's see my rotation..

I start up with using Arcane Blast until I have 4 stacks after that if I have Arcane Missiles use them unless Arcane Barrage and keep LB up all time. That is pretty much it i guesse very standard and that is the rotation my friends taugth me!

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Get logs of you running an LFR, and we can look at those to see if you're having any playstyle issues. Without that, there isn't a whole lot we can say definitively. 

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Its a bit hard to give advice when we don't have logs,


If you are practicing on a training (raid) dummy, you wouldn't have all the Raid buffs.

SimC shows that you should do about 160k-170k dps on the Raid Dummy with your current gear.


The only advice we can give is to make sure you use the opening sequence (Section 4.5 in the guide), and stand in the Rune of Power, only refresh it after it has fallen off since you wont be using spells while you are casting the Rune.


Some people forget to use the Mana gem, use this macro:


#showtooltip Arcane Power
/use Mana Gem
/use Brilliant Mana Gem
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Alter Time
/cast Arcane Missiles

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Well I can get logs tomorrow I do not have the time today! 

And if you want to help me out tomorrow! Is there anything else I should get you guys in order to help me out? Doing some raiding for the first time with a New guild on Friday and I want to be able to actually help out and not do completely sucky Dps!

So is there anything else besindes logs I should get you guys? :) 

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Well I can get logs tomorrow I do not have the time today! 

And if you want to help me out tomorrow! Is there anything else I should get you guys in order to help me out? Doing some raiding for the first time with a New guild on Friday and I want to be able to actually help out and not do completely sucky Dps!

So is there anything else besindes logs I should get you guys? smile.png

Not really. The log is fine. I'd appreciate a Sha of Pride of Malkorok log (those are stationary single target fights that can help me to see your single target rotation), and a protectors of thingy (the 3 panda 2nd boss :D) to see your multitarget/multidoting etc :)


It's good to see a so enthusiastic mage so I will definitely check back here with some analysis!

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Norushen LFR - 144295 dps

Rune of Power = 85.1%

Arcane Missles Gained = 42

Living Bomb = 94.5

Arcane Blast: 105, gives you 26 Arcane Barrages

Arcane Missiles: 39 casts, 42 Procs

Arcane Barrage: 30


Sha of Pride LFR Try 1 - 154889 dps before death

Rune of Power = 79%, but looking at the uptime at the graph before your death, it was almost 90% active

Living Bomb = 82.2%, but looking at the uptime at the graph before your death, it was almost 100% active

Arcane Blast: 118, gives 28 Arcane Barrages

Arcane Missiles: 44 casts 48 procs

Arcane Barrage: 29


Sha of Pride LFR, no Heroism -  171421 dps

Rune of Power = 98.1%

Living Bomb = 99.1%

Arcane Blast: 132, gives you 33 Arcane Barrages

Arcane Missiles: 45 casts, 58 procs

Arcane Barrage: 33


There is no problem with your Rune of Power and Living Bomb uptime

Should use Offensive Cooldowns at start for more casts. When the fight starts, Cast Arcane Blast x 4, if you have 1/2 Arcane missles, use the Arcane Power and Alter Time macro, Use the stored missles + a Arcane Blast, and just before the time expires, use arcane barrage.


There is short period where you did no damage when the adds appeared, if you are moving, i recommend using Blink to get into position faster, also use Icy Floes.

One thing to note, when Cauterize is triggered, Use Ice Block to remove the DoT (If the healers can't keep up), and then cancel Ice Block to resume DPS ASAP.


Well Fed Buff? Use the inv_misc_food_cooked_braisedturtle.jpgBraised Turtle, its very easy to make.

Also, trade_alchemy_potiond4.jpgPotion of the Jade Serpent is also usefull for a dps boost in arcane power


Here is some simulations I ran on SimC using your gear: 

Patchwerk = 180418 dps (Good) / 184593 dps (Elite)

Light movement = 178334 dps (Good) / 182605 dps (Elite)


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So on Sha of Pride I can't do much better with LB and Rune rigth? I mean I'm only human.

And still I don't reach up to the SimC results is there because of bad usage of CD's perhaps?

And how is my armory looking? Is it anything there I can change for some improvment?

And overall I am doing all the things rigth? I went for arcane resently so i guesse I will improve by time to!


Thanks for all the awnsers so far!

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The main thing with the CDs is that you should only use the Arcane Power and Alter Time with 4 Arcane Charges, Arcane Missile procs and maybe also a stat proc because when alter time expires, you regain all the buffs you had when you casted Alter TIme.


SimC uses 300 stat food and the Potion, so it's dps is more, and uses abilities without flaw.


The first thing I realized when I looked at your armory, was your PvP staff. PvE gear is better than PvP gear in raiding since the PvP gear normally gives PvP Power instead of secondary stats, which is useless in Raiding.

You can look here for upgrades: https://www.icy-veins.com/arcane-mage-wow-pve-dps-gear-loot-best-in-slot


Since you are new to Arcane and have only seen SoO 6 times, you will improve in time to know when and where you should cast and use CDs.

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Yeah about that pvp wep, i haven't got anything better actually i hate to use it but at the moment i do not have any other choice...


So yeah improve my cd ussage and I am good to go? :)

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Please use Simcrafts with caution! Simcraft assumes a professional player, who never makes a simple mistake on a patchwerk encounter with no world lag. No one will be able to achieve his/her simcraft DPS. 


A good way to find room for improvement is to compare your own logs with the bests. You will see significant differences.


Sha of Pride kill


- Rune of Power and Living bomb uptime looks very nice. You get a compliment here. :P

- You could have used Arcane power, Alter time, one more time just as you did with Mirror Image.

     - The reason for the previous is, that you didn't use your DPS CDs on the pull.

- I can't see Lightweave Embodiery in your buffs list, altough you are a tailor. Did you forget to put it on your cloak or WoL's just bugging? (Additional note: You can use Master's spellthread on your legs for a much cheaper leg enchant. (Tailoring))

- You mainly should only use mana gem in conjuction with Alter Time.

     - Additional note: Alter time should preferably used when you have cooldowns and trinket procs up for extending the trinket proc as well.

- Question: Are you snapsotting/clipping your dots when you get intellect proc?

- You had 58 AM procs but you only consumed 50. :D (Sorry, I am terrible when it's about small details.. :D)

   -Question. In which case(s) would you use Arcane Missiles? In which case(s) would you use Arcane Barrage? Would you cast Arcane Blast when you are at 4 stacks of Charge but at 100% mana? (I'm asking these because I cannot tell these from the log but it can have an impact on the DPS.)

- You didn't aoe the adds. It's free DPS boost. Flamestrike, then spam Arcane explosion. Sometimes you can even cast a Frost Nova immediately followed by an arcane explosion for some nice crits. (Thanks to Shatter)



Overall I have to say this is a pretty nice log :)

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