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Upgrade Decisions

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I'm currently running a i5-4460 with a 960 GTX.. going into BfA, which would I get more performance from: a cpu or a gpu upgrade?

For reference, a cpu upgrade would transplant my 960 into a budget i7 platform and a gpu upgrade would be a 1070.

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It really depends on how much you'd like to crank up the graphics settings. With the aprropriate customizations (viewing distance, water, sunshafts, anisotropic filtering, etc.) in the menu, your system won't let you down in BfA either, but if you'd like to play in WQHD or 4K in Very High or Ultra presets, then the VGA is the way to go.
Yet it is also well known fact, that most MMORPGs are CPU demanding - and will be forever - so if you are OK with FullHD high settings (or so), but you'd like less framerate drops, stuttering and smoother experience even in raid environment, then go for the CPU. Altough at that level, I'd expect only marginal gains from that switch.
I'm not in the beta, but from what I've read and seen, don't expect major increase in system requirements from the start. It is very probable, that DirectX 12 (Windows 10 only) will be added at some point (likely with a major patch), but even then it will remain just an option for long-long years. The graphics fundamentals won't change in BfA if you want to use the current DirectX 11 mode, you're fine with what you had in Legion.

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