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An overview of the latest Class-specific Azerite traits added to the game in Beta Build 26530.

Check out our Battle for Azeroth Expansion Hub for more details!

New Azerite Traits (Beta Build 26530)

Below is a list of all new Class-specific Azerite traits that have been added to the game in the latest Battle for Azeroth Beta build.

Death Knight

  • Commander of the Risen DeadCommander of the Risen Dead - Each rune you spend reduces the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 5 sec.
  • Echoing HowlEchoing Howl - When empowered by Rime, Howling Blast causes a secondary burst of icy wind around you that deals 872 Frost damage to nearby enemies.
  • Embrace of the DarkfallenEmbrace of the Darkfallen -  When Vampiric Blood expires, your Leech is increased by 0 for 10 sec.
  • Harrowing DecayHarrowing Decay - Death Coil infects the target with Harrowing Decay, dealing 624 Shadow damage over 4 sec.

Demon Hunter

  • Gaping MawGaping Maw - Soul Cleave grants you a shield that absorbs 1,453 damage, increased by up to 100% based on your missing health.
  • Rigid CarapaceRigid Carapace - Demon Spikes increases your Armor by 0 every 1 sec, for 10 sec.
  • Seething PowerSeething Power - Chaos Strike increases your Agility by 63 for 12 sec. Stacking this effect does not extend its duration.
  • Unbound ChaosUnbound Chaos - Your inner demon slams into nearby enemies at the end of your Fel Rush, dealing 506 Chaos damage.


  • Craggy BarkCraggy Bark - Barkskin reduces melee attacks against you by 207 damage.
  • Dawning SunDawning Sun - Lunar Strike increases the damage of your Solar Wrath by 622 for 8 sec.
  • Iron JawsIron Jaws - Ferocious Bite has a 4% chance per combo point to increase the base damage of your next Maim by 1,308.
  • Twisted ClawsTwisted Claws - Thrash's direct damage has a 50% chance to grant you 51 Agility for 12 sec, stacking up to 5 times.


  • Fit to BurstFit to Burst - Drinking Purifying Brew while at Heavy Stagger causes your next 3 melee abilities to heal you for 1,453.
  • Misty PeaksMisty Peaks - When your Renewing Mists jumps, you have a 10% chance to gain 516 Haste for 8 seconds.


  • Orbital PrecisionOrbital Precision - Each Frostbolt you cast while Frozen Orb is active grants you 78 Intellect for 10 sec.


  • Divine RevelationsDivine Revelations - Healing an ally with Holy Light while empowered by Infusion of Light refunds 841 mana.
  • Indomitable JusticeIndomitable Justice - Judgment deals additional damage when your health exceeds the target's health, up to 841 damage.
  • Inner LightInner Light - When Shield of the Righteous expires, gain 778 Block and deal 622 Holy damage to all attackers for 4 sec.


  • Depth of the ShadowsDepth of the Shadows -  Each time Shadow Word: Pain deals damage, the healing of your next Shadow Mend is increased by 34, up to a maximum of 1,020.
  • Eye of the VoidEye of the Void - Void Bolt increases the damage of Mind Blast by 233 for 6 sec, stacking up to 6 times.
  • Prayerful LitanyPrayerful Litany - Prayer of Healing restores an additional 109 health to the most injured ally it affects.


  • Blade In The ShadowsBlade In The Shadows - When you Shadowstrike and reach 4 or more Combo Points, deal 841 additional damage.
  • Poisoned WirePoisoned Wire - Garrote increases the critical strike rating of your next Mutilate by 380.
  • Snake EyesSnake Eyes - For each combo point spent on Roll the Bones, it causes your next Sinister Strike to deal 156 additional damage.


  • Echo of the ElementalsEcho of the Elementals - When your Fire Elemental expires, it leaves behind an Ember Elemental to continue attacking your enemies for 20 sec.
  • Lightning ConduitLightning Conduit - Stormstrike makes the target as a Lightning Conduit for 30 sec. Stormstrike deals 126 Nature damage to all enemies you've marked as Conduits.
  • Swelling StreamSwelling Stream - Every 5 sec a wave of water flows from your Healing Stream Totem to an injured ally, restoring 329 health to allies in its wake.


  • Cascading CalamityCascading Calamity - Casting Unstable Affliction on a target affected by your Unstable Affliction increases your Haste by 841 for 15 sec.
  • DeathbloomDeathbloom - If your Seed of Corruption detonates early, it deals 841 additional damage.
  • ExcoriateExcoriate - When you gain Demonic Core, the damage of your next Demonbolt is increased by 841.
  • Explosive Potential - When your Implosion consumes 3 or more Imps, gain 841 Haste for 6 sec.
  • FlashpointFlashpoint - When your Immolate deals periodic damage to a target above 80% health, gain 841 Haste for 8 sec.


  • Pulverizing BlowsPulverizing Blows - Raging Blow causes every strike of your next Rampage to deal an additional 25 damage. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Reinforced PlatingReinforced Plating - Blocking an attack increases your Strength by 32 for 5 sec, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Test of MightTest of Might - When Colossus Smash expires, your Strength is increased by 38 for every 10 Rage you spent during Colossus Smash. Lasts 12 sec.

Full List of Azerite Traits

Below is a list of all Azerite traits that have been added to the game in previous Battle for Azeroth builds. It does not contain the latest traits listed above.


Class-Specific Azerite Traits

Death Knight

Demon Hunter











Generic Azerite Traits

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      We're 4 for 4 in this first week of Battle for Azeroth and as we head into the weekend we see Azerite armor outer ring requirements reduced on the Heart of Azeroth, Affliction Warlock Deathbolt fixes, Conquest removals until PvP Season 1 starts, Brewmaster PvP fixes/nerfs, the removal of two belt enchant from PvP, and a bit fewer fixes for professions and quests than usual.
      August 17 (source)
      Azerite Gear
      Substantially lowered the Heart of Azeroth level required to activate the outer ring of Azerite armor obtained from World Quests and Mythic dungeons. Classes
      Warlock Affliction Deathbolt will now correctly deal increased damage if cast immediately after casting Unstable Affliction. Creatures and NPCs
      Slickspill should be much easier to loot now. Items
      Fixed an issue where 'Bygone Bee' Almanac's cooldown or duration would be affected too much when hitting multiple enemies. Player versus Player
      Sources of Conquest such as the World PvP Call to Arms quests, PvP Island Expeditions, Skirmish, and Battleground queues will award Honor until Battle for Azeroth: Arena Season 1 starts. Players who currently have Conquest will have the currency converted to Honor once they log in. Miniaturized Plasma Shield and Personal Space Amplifier engineering belt enchants can no longer be used in Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds. Fierce Gladiator is once again available to players who have earned the Fierce Gladiator: Legion Season 5 achievement. The War Mode Air Supply Drops in Tiragarde Sound should no longer fall in unreachable locations. Monk Brewmaster Incendiary Brew now adheres to line of sight restrictions. Double Barrel will no longer stun targets multiple times per Keg Smash cast. Professions
      Cooking Fixed a bug that prevented Pandaria Banquets from granting the intended skill levels to Pandaria Cooking and Way of the Grill. Quests
      Fixed a bug that caused the miners to not respawn as intended for “A Shot at the Dark Iron”. Fixed a bug where missions required to unlock hubs on the other continent were expiring quickly. Riding Macaw is no longer unfriendly to Horde for the world quest "Swab This!". Hexlord Raal is now reliably present to offer “Pa'ku, Master of Winds”. “The Lord Admiral's Lament" and "Bloodied Sentinel's Glaive" can now be turned in to Kayla Mills World
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      Game files contain a male character model named "ThinHuman" with various customization options. The model provides a good example of how Kul Tiran Humans would look if they weren't all chubby.
      Blizzard probably uses the character model to generate NPCs for the outdoor world, same thing we've seen with the Lightforged Draenei on Argus before they have been added as an Allied Race. It would be really cool to see this as a customization option for Kul Tiran Humans, what do you think? Here's an overview of all "ThinHuman" customization options:
      Skin Color


      Hair Color

      Hair Style


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      (18:00 CEST) September 12 September 14 & 16
      (19:00 CEST) NA Cup#1 September 3
      (18:00 CEST) September 12 September 15 & 16
      (19:00 CEST) EU Cup #2 September 17
      (18:00 CEST) September 26 September 28 & 30
      (10:00 CEST) NA Cup #2 September 17
      (18:00 CEST) September 26 September 29 & 30
      (19:00 CEST) EU Cup #3 September 24
      (18:00 CEST) October 3 October 5 & 7 
      (19:00 CEST) NA Cup #3 September 24
      (18:00 CEST) October 3 October 6 & 7
      (19:00 CEST) Check out the Warcraft Esports site for current standings, the global broadcast schedule, and the latest news about AWC, and follow @Warcraft for all things Battle for Azeroth!
    • By Stan
      Today's roundup of blue posts covers Allied Race boosting through Recruit-a-Friend, the Azerite system, Flight Master's Whistle working in Legion zones & more.
      Allied Race Recruit-a-Friend Boost
      If your play an Allied Race and your friend grants you levels through RaF, you will be ineligible to receive Heritage Armor.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Receiving granted levels from Recruit A Friend would make the character ineligible for the heritage armor set.
      If your friend grants levels to one of your Allied Race characters, it makes your character ineligible to receive the Heritage Armor.

      If you grant levels to one of your friend's characters, that won't effect your eligibility for the armor.

      But only the recruited player accumulates levels that can be granted, so that would be your friend. If they were to grant any of those levels onto your Void Elf, that would make your Void Elf ineligible for the armor.
      Azerite System Underwhelming
      It's too early to consider the Azerite system underwhelming. Quest gear only contains generic traits and Azerite Armor from raids has better traits.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Surely im not the only one who feels this way? The azerite gear is essentially the netherlight crucible. Most traits are passive and boring. Does it get better as the xpac goes on or..?
      Some of the default Azerite items from questing don't have a lot of variety because you're still leveling up. Once you're at 120 and getting them from vendors, WQs, and dungeons you start seeing a lot more variety and some pretty neat stuff. 

      Like there's one for Ret that reduces the cooldown of Divine Steed and it gives a speed buff to your entire raid when you use it. Which I thought was pretty rad.

      It's definitely early, but I'm eager to see how it plays out and how this system shapes up as well as what else we might do with it. It has potential, and I'm pretty excited about that alone as a player.
      Unintended Conquest Cap
      A bug in the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch caused players to receive Conquest from certain PvP activities, but that was never intended outside of Seasons.
      Blizzard (Source)
      With the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, we incurred a bug that caused some PvP activities to reward Conquest. Conquest was never intended to be accessible while the season is not active, and while Conquest did appear for some players on their Character Currency tab, it wasn’t useable. There aren’t any items that can be exchanged for it in-game right now.

      We’ll be deploying a hotfix soon that will change any activities that are currently awarding Conquest to award Honor instead.

      When BFA Season 1 begins, players will start earning Conquest as planned. At the same time, we’ll convert any unintended Conquest that players earned during the post-season to Honor or gold.

      Additionally, new one-time PvP quests will get reset when BFA Season 1 begins. We want to make sure you can complete those quests to earn Conquest from them as intended. These quests are located in the same place where you turn in Conquest quests, so they should be easy to spot.

      We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and we’re working to make the fixes and conversions as seamless as possible.

      We look forward to everyone engaging with the new Conquest System upcoming in Season 1 of Battle for Azeroth! Click here to learn more.

      Thank you! Flight Master's Whistle
      Flight Master's Whistle will be upgraded to work in BfA zones when you unlock world quests. If you didn't play Legion or destroyed your whistle, you'll receive a new one that will work in Legion zones as well.
      Blizzard (Source)
      When you unlock Battle for Azeroth world quests, your Flight Master's Whistle gains the ability to work in the new lands. if you didn’t play Legion or destroyed your whistle, you will receive a Flight Master's Whistle that works in Legion and Battle for Azeroth zones.
    • By Nireas
      I usually sim my characters to get the best possible results. I enjoy the process quite a lot and since I reached 120, I wanted to find out the best build of the spec. (Note, I didn't want to find out what to play, but rather how my own build fares in comarison.) I rarely mind a 1-2% difference. If it goes above 2%, I really mind a change. What this thread is about is mainly to bring something in the attention of those who help making the class guides, especially the talent choices. To my surprise, I was awed to find out that certain talents outperform previous "Standard" choices in the endgame, probably due to the stat squish.

      The Frost go-to build (top dps) would probably be along the lines of <Icy Talons / Cold Heart - Runic Attenuation - Frozen Pulse - Gathering Storm - Breath of Sindragosa>. What I found out primarily was that after the removal of legendaries, Cold Heart severely underperforms at most given situations resulting in a major dps drop due to the low mastery. Gathering Storm also suffers from the same problem and most of the times, Frostwyrm's Fury is better overall. The biggest surprise of them all, however, was that Inexorable Assault overperforms quite a lot, and is the first reason why I made the topic. I then started simming with the above in mind and I came across a build that some would not consider on par with top dog builds around the meta, which is the use of Horn of Winter which overperforms both its other two options when using the Breath build. Talent Sim can be seen here. Another intresting thing, which I loved, was that the 2nd best build uses Obliteration as a lvl 100 talent and no other build surpassed it (Other than the first one, obviously). So, I encourage frost players out there to give their other, less common talents a try. To the class guide author(s), I believe that the two "underdog" talents will earn their spot in the class guides.

      Thank you for your time reading this.