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I feel like a numpty...but how do I find out what Tier my equipment is

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I am running...


Main Hand   (528+8)
Nazgrim's Gutripper
Off Hand   (528+4)
Hvitserk's Formidable Shanker
Head   (528+8)
Hood of Blackened Tears
Neck   (528)
Immerseus' Crystalline Eye
Shoulder   (528)
Shoulderguards of the Righteous Stand
Back   (535)
Warmsun Cloak of the Galeburst
Chest   (528+8)
Robes of the Blackened Watcher
Wrist   (528)
Laser Burn Bracers
Hands   (528+4)
Gloves of the Barbed Assassin
Waist   (535)
Cranefeather Waistband of the Unerring
Legs   (535+4)
Cranefeather Britches of the Windstorm
Feet   (528)
Stonetoe's Tormented Treads
Ring 1   (535)
Warmsun Ring of the Decimator
Ring 2   (535)
Warmsun Ring of the Windstorm
Trinket 1   (528+8)
Assurance of Consequence
Trinket 2   (535)
Discipline of Xuen


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Tier equipment is class based, so we will need to know what class you are to help you out. there is also an easier way to show what you are wearing by linking your wow armory profile. Just go to battle.net > WoW > and type in your name in the search field and just copy that link. I will show you an example.




If you look at my leggings and chest and hands, you will see my Class specific tier pieces. they will have some extra effects on them. Hope this helps

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The "tier" refers to the raid where you got the gear from;


Tier 12 was from Firelands

Tier 13 from Dragon Soul

Tier 14 was the Thousandfold Blades gear from Terrace of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear

Tier 15, Nine-Tailed set from Throne of Thunder

Tier 16, Barbed Assassin from Siege of Orgrimmar


Tier items are the ones that are exchanged for tokens, and the ones that give set bonuses.


Although most of your gear is from Siege of Orgrimmar, it's not really referred to as tier gear. But your gloves are the Barbed Assassin ones, and they're tier 16.

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