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what spec to choose

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Hello, im currently 534 ilvl arcance, i dont do as much damage as i want to, and i want to try out fire, but im well known with frost. what would be the optimal spec for my gear.


Frankly, honestly, etc. Any of them. You can easily have enough crit for fire, Arcane and Frost are also awesome.


You can try out Mastery heavy Frost mage, and you can switch between arcane and frost without any gear change if you want. :)


If you feel unfamiliar with arcane I would suggest you to try out Frost with the same gear as you have as arcane. If You also feel uncomfortable with frost, then try out fire. If you feel uncomfortoble with that too.... Well... Think about which spec you liked the most and play that. :D All 3 specs are well-balanced at the moment and we cannot really tell you that YOU HAVE TO BE FIRE CUZ THAT POWWWNNNZZZZ!

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It's very hard to say for your current iLvL, If you were BiS of SoO, Then you'd be better off with fire, provided if you know how to play it.


Just because fire was "OP" in cataclysm, it doesn't mean it is the case in this expansion as well. All specs has been through immense revamp and if the player can use his character and spec effectively they can produce the same results.


The reason why WoL has only fire and arcane mages in the pole position is, that the top raiders are using these specs, whilst frost is mostly used by the mid-end raiders and very rarely by the high-end raiders. Also, looking at only one fight ESPECCIALLY normal mode is kinda pointless... (I am referring to you post in another topic with WoL links to normal Siegecrafter) I cannot argue about fire having high potential but it is NOT true that it is the only viable spec right now.  And no, 5-10k DPS difference doesn't matter in average.


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Come on now don't let this get like MMO-C tongue.png


Frost has the greatest gear flexibility, so if someone is just gearing up and is in the 530's or 540's, you'll probably have the most fun and fluid experience as frost. If you're getting a lot of mastery gear it lets you segue into a mastery build or into Arcane. If you end up being better at Arcane, switch.


Your results will be very personal. Can't just ask the community which to play. Some of us are doing amazing things with Fire, Arcane-Mastery, Arcane-Haste, Frost-Haste, Frost-Mix, Frost-Mastery. 


I recommend running LFRs & Flex raids and change things up constantly. Even where I'm at I still change things constantly. I fluctuate from 13k to 21k haste, swap items, gems, trinkets, all the time! There is no right answer and that's a much better development framework than cookie cutter.

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With a name like "explozivo" you might like fire best; there's nothing quite as explosive as fire shooting out of your palms at the enemy! The sounds are most like explosions of the three specs.

I personally like bouncing between two specs.  I think it's best when you learn one to research and set up your gear then live with it and practice for a few weeks before you make your decisions. Don't keep switching during that period, let yourself get comfortable.

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provided if you know how to play it.

This, for all specs. Staying Arcane if fine if you boost your mastery, through reforge or better gear. It turns out that mastery really is second only in hit to Arcane dps.



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