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Demonic Empowerment WA

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I've recently gone from TMW to WA and I'm still very new to making anything more complicated than cooldown icons in WA. I'm looking for help making a WA for tracking Demonic Empowerment. I know there are several different out there but none of the ones I've tested work the way I would like them to. I have no exp in coding at all so making custom function by myself is not really viable. I've tried setting it up on my own but from what I can tell you need custom functions in there. 

If anyone would like to help a WA newbie out, here's what I'm looking for:

An icon (Demonic Empowerment) showing desaturated if im just running around in the world (not in combat basically), Red colored if I'm in combat and ANY of my active pets/guardians/summons (whatever they are called nowadays..) are NOT buffed by DE and "Normal" colored if ALL pets ARE buffed by DE. Also a text function showing the total number of active summons in the center of the icon. Simple and clean, no iconshaking, activasion borders etc. Just a plain icon with color change and counter. 

In my head it doesnt seem to hard to make, but as stated, I have no exp at all with coding anything.
Any help with making this WA or direction to an existing one that can modified, without to much complication, would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Afflocktion.

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