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Extremely low Balance DPS

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Hey so, our guild is progressing trough ABT mythic and we had a newcomer that we funneled gear to when he joined called Newspaper.

Now, we are trying to figure out where he is going wrong but nobody in our guild actually mains Balance Druid. we have tried looking and helping out, When we talk to him he seems to know what hes doing but nobody in our guild has an extensive comprehension of logs aside from the big number it shows on total.

His stat weights aren't very good right now but we are working on it and he doesn't have the right legendaries yet.

I'm just hoping someone can see if his rotation can be helped a lot or if anything can be fixed in the short term because other members of the guild are starting to get understandably impatient.

Logs from a couple weeks ago when we were re clearing garothi.  


Armory link



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Well I mainly play feral but Im trying to slowly branch into balance so here are my observations:

Change his lvl 110 talent. It should not be stellar drift (unless doing aoe encounters), it should be Nature's Balance.

He uses his artifact way too little. He cast Newmoon (the artifact super cast) twice in the fight and it should be used as often as possible which is about every 40-45 seconds. He casts sunfire and moonfire way too often, they are fairly long duration dots but he casts them as often as his DD spells, they should only be used when there are about 1-3 sec left on the old duration. Getting Nature's Balance really helps in this regard. There are long periods in the fight where he doesnt cast any Solar Wraths or Lunar Strikes at all and they are the bread & butter of his dps.

He also sits at max Astral Power for way too long which means he doesnt cast enough Starsurge.

With his gear at the time he should be doing 600k+ dps more than he did.

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On 5/25/2018 at 6:42 PM, ZackHunter05 said:

First of all, unfortunately, his gear sucks:

  • He is running T21 4-piece alone, rather than T20 4-piece and T21 2-piece. This alone is a 2% DPS loss assuming you are using 960 T21 and 930 T20. With how low his T21 pieces are, even a raid finder one, this is likely closer to a 4% DPS loss.
  • On top of that, he is missing either ring or cloak - assuming he won't hunt T20, he'll use cloak. Having cloak instead of shoulders is another 3% DPS difference.
  • His relics are incredibly mediocre, bordering on pretty bad. He has 4 slots for main traits, 3 of which are mid to bottom. For comparison, his 4th slot is the top choice, Scythe of the Stars. Compare that to the one he has 2 of, Twilight Glow, and you'll see a problem. That single Scythe of the Stars is worth more than both Twilight Glow traits added together. It's like 1.5% DPS increase from 2 traits vs. 1.9% from 1 trait.
  • On top of the point above, the Shadow/Light traits are middle to bottom tier again. The relics in general just suck, but I assume he took them purely for item level. He needs to find some new ones and soon.

As for how he plays, Blight mentioned a few things, but you should tell your druid to look at this:


It's a WoWAnalyzer report of their kill on Garothi and there are major issues.

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well as those guys have stated above, way too many dots and way too few artifact ability on CD used, also he starts the fight opening with moonfire and sunfire, this will get him behind on dps meter alot and will take alot of abilitys to get up to the same dps as any other boomkin, since he should start at DBM countdown 5 seconds with prepot and artifact ability for example (i dont even play boomkin a ton) and then into moonfire, then cast another thing and then use sunfire (you never cast these 2 one after the other like he does)

he also seems to be double casting starsurge 2 times in a row, im not an expert on this and i only play boomkin briefly but you can almost feel that its wrong to cast double starsurge instead of - cast -> surge -> cast -> surge because of the small delay you get between stargurging 

you can also see he casts solar wrath 3-5 times in a row sometimes, in addition to him not using all his empowered procs he should also never cast alot of spells in a row but instead aim to solar wrath -> lunar strike -> starsurge. this will have solar wrath traveling in the air slowly, lunar strike hitting the target instantly and starsurge traveling fast, almost hitting all 3 spells simultaniously on the boss, for some reason dps meters count this as effective damage and he will get more dps just by doing tricks like this

by the looks of it he is a very oldschool boomkin where you always started the fight with dots, had to save mana so you couldnt spam alot, and could even get away with being a clicker, also he has almost 20% casts canceled, i think he is positioning very wrong or is too scared to take a bit of extra damage sometimes, i dont know if it counts the super short casts when you start then interupt immideatly but if it only counts the one where you cast 1-2 sec then cancel he really needs to improve that aswell

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