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As I didn't really have the time to level everything to level 90 and really try them out I'd like to hear your thoughts on the different tanks in MoP. I've played all but the druid in DS-HC on the live-realm and enjoy pretty much all of them (naturally the warrior most, as it's my main).

What do you feel the play-styles of the different tanks are? Do they feel smooth? How does the monk play? And ultimately, which tank would you go for? (Not asking which should I go for, too much personal preference ;-))

Basically, please throw information about the differences in play-style to live-realm at me :-)


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I've got a particular attachment to my Protection Warrior as well, and I haven't had a proper look at Blood Death Knights yet, but I can tell you that Protection is looking very interesting indeed to me.

Particularly, we've got a much more interesting "active mitigation" system now, in place of the old "sit there and take damage" style we were slaves of.

Stay tuned for the previews of the other tank classes to make a more informed decision. ;)

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but I can tell you that Protection is looking very interesting indeed to me.

It is indeed for me as well.

In all honesty, especially Paladins and Warriors, had nothing special about tanking in Cata. We just had to press the right cd button at the right time and that was it. No mana/rage problems, stacking mastery would simply mean a lot of damage reduction. Child's play, it was, if you ask me.

But now, though I haven't had the time play thoroughly, all tanks have to think before using almost each skill because some skills give you the means of using some mitigation skills. You cannot just spam, say Shield Block off cooldown because there will be times you will need its buff more and that's great. No more sitting and pushing buttons

I am a Paladin tank and I only tested the Paladin in beta. I must say I'm loving the new design and when all the tweaking is over, because they are making a lot of changes constantly, I believe it's gonna be quite thrilling to play as a tank.

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I just hope they don't overdo it, as they sometimes tend to ;-)

I really like the strategical side of tanking - when to best use which CD, where to best position oneself. The reaction to special random events (player with debuff at DW HC gets hit by tentacle --> intervene him to help healers counteract the damage (stupid example, but you know what I mean)) is the topping.

If they now overhaul it all to make the tank completely reactionary... well then he's a healer ;-) That's at least how I've always viewed the classes.

DD=Twiddling and tweaking for that skada to shine

Heal=Reacting to stupidity of raidmembers

Tank=Trying to get those other two to do their job, while not screwing up ones own strategy :-D

But maybe that's just like it for us ;-) But I have to say... I've seldomly seen a raidleader, who's a healer. It's usually tanks, as they do all the organization of the fight anyway, or hunters, as they have the most free-time :-P

Na, well; maybe I'll trans over my warri and give him a try :-)

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