Battle for Azeroth Beta Key Contest: Part 1

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It's time for another beta key giveaway and we've got 150 keys to give away this week! Check out the first part of the giveaway and how to get your chance to win.

For those of you that missed out on our contest last month, we're back with another set of giveaways. We're kicking things off with a screenshot contest this week, with entries having the chance to win one of the 150 keys we are giving out.

How to Enter

In the last competition, we sent users into Darnassus, allowing them to embrace the beauty of the city while completing a timed run around the terraces. This time, we're journeying over to the Horde!

The aim of this competition is to create a screenshot in-game that personifies your feelings towards the Warchief herself, Sylvanas. Whether you are an Alliance player that wants to see the Banshee Queen fall or a Horde player that feels nothing but pride for her, we want to see you paint 1,000 words with your screenshot. Your feelings do not have to align with your faction, however, and you can definitely show us your dislike of your Warchief as a Horde player or love for Sylvanas as an Alliance player!

Once you have your screenshot, submit it to us in a comment reply to this post along with an explanation of the screenshot, but only if you feel it is necessary! If your screenshot already says enough, then it will be enough alone!

Rules and Information

Your screenshot should follow these rules:

  • Screenshots should not be altered with any form of editing program except for cropping as required.
  • Hide your UI (user interface) before taking screenshots (Alt+Z shortcut).
  • The screenshot must come from in-game, not from a model viewer of any kind.
  • Your screenshot does not need to have Sylvanas in it, but should adhere to the theme of "feelings towards Sylvanas".
  • You can use whatever in-game items you wish to improve your screenshot.

The contest will end on (CEST) Sunday, 10th June, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. Once the contest has ended, we will review the screenshots that were submitted and choose 10 that we feel complete the task in the best way. These 10 will be rewarded with a beta key each, while all other entries will be entered into a random draw. The random draw will select 140 users at random that submitted a screenshot and they will be given a beta key.

Note: You cannot win through both options. You can either win as a top 10 entry or a random pick entry, not both.

When selecting the top 10 entries, our decision is final and users cannot dispute the winners based on the content of the screenshots unless it breaks a rule of the contest, such as having photo editing applied.

Good luck to everyone that enters and we can't wait to see your entries!

The contest has now ended. Winners will be notified within the next 48 hours via forum private message.

EDIT (13/06): If you have not received a message from me on the forums, you have unfortunately not won a key. We have contacted all winners.

There will be other chances to win keys later this week and next week, so keep checking the site and our social media for announcements about those competitions going live.

Below is an entry that I thought deserved a special mention, since the small details on it made me laugh enough that it made it into the top 10 of entries. It comes from user @Nakko and contains a spoiler for Battle for Azeroth, so only view if you are comfortable with that. The pet's name really sealed the deal for this entry!



The screenshot came with the quote: "Revenge for my little pet".

To all who entered, thank you for doing so and we're sorry that you didn't receive a key this time. Fingers crossed for the next competition!

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Le roi est mort, vive le roi!
(The king is dead, long live the king! ( or queen in this case)

Desktop Screenshot 2018.06.05 -

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War is the mother and queen of all things; Some turns into gods, others, into men; of some make slaves, of others, free men.
"Heraclitus "

I serve you my Queen.




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I am more beautiful and more attractive than you.  Sylvanas!


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Hard to admit but those TWO are the real only reasons i'm still loyal to Sylvanas. Taking this pic was risky af, as you can see she wasn't happy but damn...FOR THE WHOR..oh..i mean..HORDE..yup



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My Elf is a Dark Ranger in Roleplay ♥

Glory to the Banshee Queen, for the Forsaken, for the Horde ! 


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I will never forget Arthas's torment to us and Azeroth.
But Banshee Queen never succumb!
For the Horde! Blood and Thunder! Strength and Glory!1.thumb.png.f2539c0476f88a59a89f9be4ce02fd20.png

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