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Returning back as Ret

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Hi all,

So it's been almost a year since I last played WoW, had to take a break after playing this game for 12 years.... played a bit of ESO / FFXIV but the WoW itch returned.

I used to be a Frost DK parsing 95-100% on most bosses in ToS and I've always been a meter whore (shameful I know) but the guild is asking me to fill a slot as a Ret Pala and they're going to gear me up in the forth coming days, will miss the DK but actually excited to do something new and fresh (to me) , seeing as the last time played a Pala was back in MOP and that was as Holy and it's the only class/spec (Ret) I've yet to do end game.

So apologies if I'm a little rusty and naive in some of the following questions, I've done a small bit of research but just needed a nudge in the right direction as to the current soft caps I should be aiming for as a Ret Pala, obviously once I've accrued some semi decent gear I'll be simming as usual but curious if there was a generic crit/haste/mast cap I should be tentatively aiming for.


** NEVERMIND just found this https://www.thesilverhand.net/retribution-paladin-equipment-guide/ **



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