Legion Artifacts Disabled on Battle for Azeroth Beta

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Character Copy is now enabled on Battle for Azeroth Beta, allowing players to copy their characters from live servers and we learned that Legion Artifacts no longer work as of the latest Beta build.

Artifact traits are greyed out and from the description, we learn that we'll sacrifice our Artifact's power to draw out the darkness from the Sword of Sargeras to stabilize Azeroth's wounds. We may see the event go live soon as we approach 8.0 launch.


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I would think that it will be activated when BfA is live. If they activate it for the pre-patch, everyone will be pissed off for a few weeks as they will lose a chunk of power.

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41 minutes ago, ionix said:

I would think that it will be activated when BfA is live. If they activate it for the pre-patch, everyone will be pissed off for a few weeks as they will lose a chunk of power.

Most classes are reciving rather large changes in the prepatch though, should not be a problem to buff to compensate for the loss of traits. As far as I am aware, the ilvl squish will be added as the same time, so maybe all content will have been rebalanced otherwise.

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I think it’s a pretty lame way to end the expansion.

However my biggest question before Legion was how are they going to take away the greatest weapons in the game from people once they have it.

This means that all of them are destroyed in lore and all that’s left is cosmetic echos of their past.

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After absorbing the darkness from Sargeras's sword artifacts will have their power increasing until the launch of BfA when they become emptied and have to be retired.Dont think anything will change lorewise since you can see that the weapon started out as an empty one(since its just a game's mechanic).They can always say that there is still power left in them but not enought of it to actually use the traits weapon had making it usless for the player.

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