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Hi There,


Long time lover of IV 1st time poster!


I'm interested in finding someone for the new Recruit a Friend program - I am specifically after someone who can be online at least 3 days a week to play with I am available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight Time. I do have a child at home so will duck in and out during that time - I want someone with Mumble (have a server already) or Vent (if you have a server) to make it a fast and painless process.


Please let me know if you are interested - I have the following servers that I am playing on atm.


American - have heirlooms

Alleria - Alliance

Garona - Alliance


Oceanic - don't have heirlooms (highest character is 77)

Kaelstrasz - Horde


I want to note I am specifically after the mount, levelling and to meet a new friend or two! So please make sure you can be dedicated for the 90 days.


Thank you so much - any questions are welcome :)



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    • By Aoihime
      Hi, looking to recruit someone to WoW ((US)) to level together with the awesome 300% xp RAF buff =) if i get the mount out of it will be a nice bonus lol.

      Where: Region - US; SERVER: Barthilas (Horde) or Frostmourne (alliance)

      How: we get a 300% xp buff for 1 month if we level together, so let's get the most out of it! My guildies will probably run us through some dungeons every now and then or we can queue together. I prefer to heal or dps, so if u like tanking would be super, but if not i can try lololol.

      When: it's on AUssie serviers, so server time mornings or US evenings. any day except saturday and sunday lol. (provided work emergencies don't pop up lol)

      About me: am russian/polish working in china, playing wow on aussie server and swtor on US servers lol. Am generally friendly, but have low tolerance for a**hats and ganking =)

      What we give each other: 
      the RAF superlevel bonus lol

      What i provide for you: 
      - around 3 hours of leveling a day unless one of us is at work; (doesn't matter if frostmourne or barthilas)
      - about 5k gold for your heirlooms; (only barthilas)
      - company & conversation lol;
      - possibly a guild invite if you are interested. (only barthilas)

      What you have to do yourself:
      - contact me if you are interested lol.
      - buy the game of course x.x (i am working in china until september so i only have unionpay card and so battle.net, amazon and so on do not accept it.)
      - let me know what class / race you are interested in playing so i can figure out if i need to make a new toon to play with u =)
      - be a decent human being lol :P

      Contact me on skype: mynameak
    • By Krausierwow
      Hi! My name is Eduardo and i´m looking to recruit for US server Area-52 (The most populated Horde realm) I want to recruit someone because i want to have a lot of FUN and help a new WoW player to get as fast as possible into the game.

      What i will bring:
      - Plenty of gold to help you get all the flying skills and everything you need to the max!
      - Touch of the Void Heirloom
      - Moneymaking advice ( It will help you after we´re done leveling and to maintain yourself in the game in the future and for next expansions)
      - I can speak both English and Spanish fluently!

      What you will bring:
      -The copy of the game


      If you´re interested add me on skype as: miguezito
      Or add my Battletag: Krausier#1457

      Let´s have some FUN!
    • By fox436
      Looking for a RAF partner, Alliance only. Server is irrelevant, but you must have all 4 main exp BoA pieces (helm, cloak, shoulder, legs). looking to organize a schedule, open for weekends (any time) and evenings starting at 1800 EST. My battletag is Fox#1587. I will be buying the battlechest on my own dime, so do not ask about purchasing it.
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