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The Gods of Zul'Aman Remastered Trailer

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Ivan Kuzkin, the guy behind the WoW Extinction Machinima, is back with a remastered version of the original Gods of Zul'Aman cinematic that was released with Patch 2.3 back in the Burning Crusade.

Ivan also shared two additional videos on his YouTube channel. The first one is a visual comparison of the original and the remastered cinematic.

The second video offers a behind-the scenes look at the making of the trailer.

You can support the artist over on Patreon and don't forget to let us know what you think about his trailer in the comments down below!

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Nice work with that troll model. Excelent job overall, only two minor notes:
-At 0:32 the wall behind the flowing water should look more ruined and neglected, but in the remastered version it gives the impression it's a fountain looked after by the best gardeners in Azeroth.
-1:26 I noticed this scene was completely overhauled and the moving camera with the rampaging orc warrior certainly gives more dynamism to it, but there's something magical about the old drain life spell animation that makes me prefer the original. Sorry.
Again: it's not criticism, just some notes to the editor and machinima creators, otherwise it's a superb video.

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