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I have a question about our two DPS Traps: Explosive Trap and Snake Trap, specifically around single-target encounters.  Now obviously Explosive Trap is a DPS gain for multiple target situations, but are Explosive Trap and Snake Trap a possible gain for Single-Target, provided you arent delaying a more important ability?  I typically have 3-4 seconds in my rotation where I could apply them instead of another Cobra Shot and since my Focus doesn't tend to be an issue I could see using this time to apply the two Traps back to back.  I am pretty good at aiming and deploying them quickly and accurately, so I think i could reliably get the traps under the boss in 3 seconds.


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Explosive trap received a nerf and currently it is not a dps increase to drop it on single target fights. Snake trap hits like a wet noodle. So I wouldn't suggest using either one if you are interested in getting the most dps possible. Mostly you will be dropping ice traps, freezing traps and binding shots for control. However I will say back in TOT it was highly suggested that on H Horridon you dropped snake trap and guided your pink dino to run through it because the small damage it did would push him back.

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