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Hunter BM rotation 8.3 - Need help !

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Hello everyone ! ?

I recently return to BFA and i have a question about the hunter BM rotation. 

My concern is about refresh Frenzy and cast "Kill command" on cooldown. Indeed, many times i have to face the dilemma to choose either loose my stacks of Freenzy or delay "Kill command".

So is it worth to slighly delay "Kill command" in order to refresh Frenzy ?

Sorry for my approximative english !

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While Frenzy Icon Frenzy uptime and management will guide your playing decisions a lot while playing Beast Mastery, it is not as significant as many people think, especially on a single target. The most common mistake that BM Hunters make is overcasting Cobra Shot, and undercasting Barbed Shot and Kill Command.

From the Beastmaster rotation guide


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