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Question about Soul swap with procs

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The new swap works as follows:


Boss 1 has 10 seconds left on all of your DoT's that are empowered by multiple buffs.


You inhale from Boss 1. *****Does not remove DoT's from Boss 1


For 3 seconds you retain all of your DoT's at 10 seconds remaining, including their power.


Let's say, for a good example, that you hold onto said DoT's for 2 seconds.


You exhale DoT's onto Boss 2.  Those DoT's *start* with 10 seconds left on them (and retain the current stack of Agony), including their power.  At this point in time Boss 1 has 8 seconds left on those same DoT's.


The faster you Soul Swap the closer the durations will be on all targets you're swapping to.  On a fight with many mobs to swap to you *always* want to swap from the last target you swapped to.  That way you aren't losing time.

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But be careful! There is a bug with affdots!




I soulswap my Dots from Target 1. After Soulswapping, my Trinket proccs, Affdots shows me 180 and blue colour. Remember, I swapped the Dots without the proc.

Then I switch the target and inhale the Dots again. Affdots shows me 100 and red on the new target. Trinket procc is still running, and i swapped the low-Dots.


So you still have to take a look on whats happening while multidotting. Dont turn off your brain und do what affdots tells you to do every time.



More DOTS!



PS. sorry for my bad english. I'm German and school was quiet a long time ago :P

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for multidotting I suggest making one target the focus and then checking what affdots tells about that target. Then it's actually accurate.

Not if the copied dots are Soul Swapped.

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