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Hey everyone,

So, I think my problem is my gear as I have been trying to rack my brain on why my dps is not that great in raids. Some of it I admit is probably not sticking 100% to my rotation, but any help/suggestions would definitely be appreciated.

You can find the analyzer for the most recent log here: https://wowanalyzer.com/report/4K3dCR86gfMv2Njt/2-LFR+Antoran+High+Command/Darkbriar


Thanks in advance! 😎

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A bunch of thoughts:

Wowanalyzer won't be super useful on High Command due to the adds changing the way you approach the fight.
Looks like you lost a good % of the fight to being in a pod, and I'm not sure how long the adds live on LFR, so maybe it'd be better to look at Felhounds. Comparing with my best log (we don't stack dogs :( )

1. You need to cast a bit more. In a perfect world we'd have 100% uptime. A common problem I see is not weaving enough Arcane Shots in, and this certainly seems to be the case here. Yes it's kinda crappy DPS by itself, but the focus generated helps you get more Aimed Shots in over the course of the fight. Also, sometimes you have to move and it's your only option.

With your haste %, the bare bones of your mid-fight cast sequence should look something like: 
Windburst (with 30-60 focus)
    Vulnerable window: Arcane Shot x3, Aimed Shot x2
Arcane Shots to get focus up and Marked Shot applied
Marked Shot (with 50-80 focus)
    Vulnerable window: Arcane Shot x2, Aimed Shot x2

2. 11 Aimed Shot casts outside of Vulnerable is quite high, more than I'd expect even with bad RNG. Should only be casting these if you can't get a vulnerable window and you're at risk of focus capping.

3. The last Trueshot is the most important (due to Bullseye), so it's a shame you only got a few seconds of it. I have a Weakaura that shows estimated time to boss death, and I try to pop mine at around the '20 seconds remaining' mark to make sure I use the whole duration. Of course, if you're at 30 stacks of Bullseye already there's little point in waiting!
In order to do this optimally you have to know roughly how often your Trueshots are available. Mine are around 70 seconds apart, so if the boss has around 75-80secs or less remaining, then I hold onto it. 

4. And yes, you could use some better gear. Particularly 4pT21, and a better ST trinket than Terminus You're simming at around 1.6mil so not doing too badly :)

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Hey Aleila,

i appreciate you taking a look. I figured there were some slip ups in rotation. I find sometimes I am pressing the Marked Shot but it doesn’t activate and thus I begin Aimed Shot rotation.

yeah, I suspected T21 gear would be good to have but all I have are LFR versions. I got the Argus Trinket last night on Normal.

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