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General Giveaway Rules and Information

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With an increasing number of giveaways appearing on the site, we felt it was easier to have a single point of reference for the general rules we apply to every giveaway. It's important to note that every giveaway will still have certain game-specific rules that apply, but those will be listed on the giveaway page, not here.

  1. Unless there is an issue that we did not spot concerning cheating of some form, our decision is final on choosing winners. If you feel a user has cheated in some way, report their submission using the report button.
  2. We do not allow double submissions in any giveaway unless specifically noted in the post. Do not make multiple accounts to enter, since we will disqualify all except one. It will be a waste of your time and ours.
  3. The end time of any giveaway will be listed on the page itself; any submissions that are entered after the end time will not be counted.
  4. If you have made a new account, your first post will need to be approved by one of our moderators. Do not continue posting multiple times in the thread, we will approve your post when we see it. 
  5. Users will be contacted on the forums up to 48 hours after the contest ends if it was hosted on the forums; if it was hosted on Twitter, you will be contacted via Twitter DMs.
  6. We generally do not announce the winners publicly, instead contacting them directly. 

Good luck in any contest you enter here on the site!

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8 minutes ago, Fash said:

The giveaway related to typing in a funny WoW character name - well, you can’t reply.

Should be fixed ?

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