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Am I doing it right? Destro

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I just want to make sure that i am where I am suppose to be at. I can look at it myself and say I'm doing fine but I keep forgetting some things. I never prepot and I tend to forget I have a doomguard. What get's me confused Is that I hear everyone say that I need to have more chaos bolt damage than incinerate but I can't seem to make that happen.


I'm at 556 Ilvl cause of 4 set.



This is the log for the night, 13/14 gonna work on Garry on sunday.



Iron Jugg cause I feel that's the best single Target fight:



Fallen protectors:



Is there anything I'm doing horribly outside of just getting some Prepots and better doomguard usage?

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What are you more concerned on, single or multi-target fights?


Overall, your numbers look pretty good.  I have to remember that you're in a 10 man so I can't directly compare.  You're also getting to the point where you're too geared for normals and the fights aren't lasting very long to get a really good sample.  I noticed that some of your PBI procs aren't lining up well with DS occasionally.  That's a big one, make sure to wait for PBI to proc before you use DS any time after the opener.


Looking through Galakras, you definitely could have better RoF uptime.  That will help you pump out more CB's on the Tidal Shaman.


Edit:  Also, on Protectors do you commonly have a couple of the pandas tanked near each other?  If so, you should try to increase your RoF uptime by at least double.

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Garrosh always takes your counter Pokemon.  I knew there was a reason I hated that bastard!

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