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I did an expeirement in Hearthstone in which I used decks from all 9 classes in ranked mode. The idea behind it was to see how well I did with not only free to play accounts, but each deck  used consisted of only classic cards. The end result had me somewhat satisfied, going 47 and 34 with a 58% win rate. I divided up the games evenly by playing 9 games with each class (81 games total). I went negative with 3 classes (Druid, Shaman and Warrior) and positive with 6 classes (Warlock, Paladin, Rogue, Priest, Hunter and Mage). The class that did the worst was a somewhat dull version of a mill Druid. I think the Mill Druid/Rogue is well known to most experienced players at this point, so opponents have a good idea of how to play around getting milled. The class that did the best was Freeze Mage, going 8 and 1 out of 9 games. It seems to be that in the past a Freeze Mage would do terribly against decks like Control Warrior since a Control Warrior would stack up on armor, making the OTK strategy difficult to be executed. In this case however, most the players played were Mid-Range or Face type decks, making the effort to win easy to do with cards like Doomsayer, Frost Nova and Blizzard. Playing with Warlock had the next best streak, going 7 and 2 out of 9 games. The deck I used for Warlock would be classified as Zoolock. Most opponents that I played against were not able to counter being faced by 2 drops and Doomguard. The point of this experiment was to prove that us as players can still do moderately well by using cards that (for the most part) won't be banned completely from ranked mode. It turns out that playing in wild and standard mode were both equally challenging. With that said, it brings some assurance knowing that there is no need to continue buying packs that are soon cycled out, whereas trying to keep up with a vast amount of players who have the new cards from the latest set; it may be frustrating knowing that it would take much effort and funds to obtain every card in the game. 

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Which ranks?

How did you play Freeze Mage w/o key cards like Ice Block and Emperor Thaurissan? Even w/o Arcane Artificer.

How did you play Mill Druid w/o Coldlight Oracle? Thinking Forest Guide is also WW.

The point is, you can make some decks playing only classic and basic cards. But cards from other sets make it even stronger. 

Whole experimentation is a good idea and your wr is good. These are the questions came to my mind immediately though.



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