Clarification on a couple of things please

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Hi peep's

This isn't another 'help me with my dps thread', it's more of a 'can you clarify a couple of things please'.

So here they are.

What ilvl would you start using GoSac in Raids , normal raids , not LFR ?

What haste do you think I should go for if I just go pure destro on main spec?.

I'm currently 8097 with demo as off spec but don't use it , so would like to see if I can do any more dps as pure destro with lower haste and more crit\mastery?.



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GoSac is fine regardless of ilvl.  It gets enhanced with Kardris' Toxic Totem, but with as much Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn usage, GoSac is solid at any item level.


Pure Destro = as little Haste as possible.  It's a preference thing, however...if you like faster play, some Haste is fine, but there is no magic number.

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