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Lucid Nightmare help!

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my first attempt was three hours; the first four orbs took me 30 minutes and for the rest of the two and a half hours i was running around going in circles looking for the purple orb ( I ran past it's rune many times). I tried one more time and couldn't find anything so I gave up. 

Any helpful tips?

Disclaimer: I have tried mapping many times i can't do it i get way too confused.

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This isn't a straightforward maze. There is a random teleport in the maze that could put you anywhere in the instance and 2 statics ones. (If you find yourself "turned around" when you enter a room, you've been teleported).

This does make mapping a little tricky. The best method is therefore to NOT pick up the orbs as you go through, using them instead as reference points. If it starts repeating, then you've been teleported and need to back-track to work out where it happened. Mark the room and avoid if possible.

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