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Question about Character Transfers

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Evening ladies and gents

I'm back with another probably stupid question thats been bouncing around in my head.

this one is about the Character Transfer service.

I'm giving some thought to moving some characters between realms on my account.

Under normal circumstances i would just start over on the characters and leave it at that. but i've invested time and money in these characters. and i dont want a months work to go to waste.

in addition i set up a bank guild and invested way more than i anticipated in setting it up.

the bank guild is actually why i'm on tonight.

there are 2 questions.

1) if i were to transfer a character between realms who is the head a a guild. would the guild go with him?

2) if i can take my guild with me. would the money in the guild bank count towards the character limit on gold?

i may just decide to start over anyway and use the auction house to move the money across. and just take the loss on the guild. but i at least want to try and keep what i've started with.


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1) no, that's what the guild transfer is for.

2) apart from the usual 10mil gold cap, there is no transfer limit for guilds.

Also, not to sound rude or anything, I will always gladly help people, BUT you could have just googled those questions.

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I knew about the character transfer but i didnt know guild transfers existed.

Thats y i asked.

And i asked here because 9 times out of 10 when i asked something on the gamefaqs wow forum i got dogsabuse

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